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The Hunt for Hendrix
I had seen the half dozen fish, and the
other two out in the deeper water in
front of the swim up against a large
weedbed. Again all three were on the
Scopex Squid with PVA bags of broken baits and a small amount of pellet, but the margin rod had the addition of a scattering of hemp. Once I
had the rods out I had to get myself
sorted out as Joe Morgan and Carp
TV were coming to see me to do a
piece for Nash on rigs. As I was
a l r e a d y u s i n g Tr i g g a l i n k i t w a s
decided that I would do it on that.
Joe and his cameraman turned up
mid-afternoon, and the Triggalink
piece was done. It’s never easy ‘performing’ for the camera, but all went
well, and hopefully they were happy
with how it went too. After they left I
got back to concentrating on my fishing, and climbed back up the corner
tree to see if the fish were still there.
On reaching the top of the tree and
looking down I was pleased to see
that they still were, and it filled me
with confidence. But time was running out for a take as I only had until
around 9pm before I needed to start
packing up.
At around 8pm I started to get
some things together when out of the
blue the right hand rod down the margin ripped off! On connecting with
the fish I could tell it wasn’t a big one,
but it still gave a good account of
itself and soon had me weeded just in
front of the swim. I stepped into the
margins in front of me to ease the netting, thinking it was only shallow, but
as I stepped in it was obviously
deeper than I thought as I went
straight in up to my waist! It didn’t
bother me, but it was just a shock to
say the least! I netted the fish, which
turned out to be a low-20 common.
On the scales it went 22lb 8oz, and
the rig used was Triggalink straight
through with a size eight Nash Fang
Twister hook, fished blow-out style,
(Top) 22lb 8oz common taken off the
margin spot.
(Left) All ready for a fish.


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