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The Hunt for Hendrix
(Right) Note the float on the sack cord,
an important safety feature.
(Below) I'm not the tidiest of people
when fishing!
with a 15mm bottom bait topped with
a piece of Mutant yellow corn. The
hookhold was deep and well back in
the mouth, and there was no chance
of that coming out! After a couple of
pictures I returned the fish and then
set about packing up, and headed
home happy that I had netted myself
another fish.
The following week, due to work
commitments, I only managed to get
a quick overnighter in on the Monday
night, but fishing the same swim as
the previous week I managed to winkle out a little 17lb 6oz mirror in the
early hours of the morning. The fish
came off the same spot as the last two
fish by using the same tactics too –
PVA bags and a little hemp. What I
have not mentioned is that after each
session that I have fished, I have been
baiting the lake with around 8kg of
the Scopex Squid in mixed sizes in
the hope that the fish would get a
taste for the bait without any line
pressure from me, and that it would
pay dividends for me later on in the
After having taken my last three
fish by baiting with a little hemp, I
decided that on my next session I
would try a larger bed of it, and see
what happened. On the Friday night
before my next trip I cooked up
around 12kg of dry particle with some
sugar, and then left it to ferment until
the Sunday night when, after dropping my two children back to their
mum (I’m divorced), I set off for the
lake to do a three-day session.
I pulled into the car park at just
after 7.30pm, and on walking round
the lake stopped to have a chat with
Chilly who was fishing on Point Two.
He had got there a few hours beforehand, and seen a few fish out in front
of him. After a quick cuppa, or was it
a glass or two of red, I continued on
my walk, and on reaching the Bowls
swim I spotted a couple of fish moving around out off a set of reeds over
to the left of the swim. That was all I
needed to see, and opted to drop in
there for the night in the hope of continuing my run of luck. I decided to
put two rods short off the front of the
weedbed that ran across the front of
the swim, and one rod long across to
the set of reeds that I had seen the
fish moving off. All three rods went
down with a donk, and were then
baited with bottom baits topped with
Mutant corn and around 100 free
offerings each. The far rod, however,
received a bucket of the particle over
the top of it. I did this by walking
round to a clearing just shy of the
reeds and ‘pulting the bait out about a
rod length to the left.
By just after 10pm all three rods
were done, the particle was out and I
set about getting my Profile up and
the kettle on. I made a quick brew
and then sat watching the water for
an hour or so before getting my head
down for the night. Through the night
I received plenty of liners over the
hemp rod, but thinking it was probably just some of the large rudd that
cohabited the lake I thought nothing
of it.
Nothing happened overnight, but
at bang on 9am the following morning
just as I was brewing up, the hemp
rod was away. I was fishing locked up
because of the heavy weed that surrounded the area, so the indicator
pulling up tight was all the indication
I got. On connecting with the fish the
erratic behaviour indicated that it
was only a small one, and after just a
few minutes I slipped the net under a
pretty little linear of 17lb. After a couple of quick self-take pictures I
slipped the fish back and quickly got
the rod back out. A couple of minutes
later Chilly walked into my swim for a
cuppa. It was a regular thing him
coming round for a morning brew,
and we always put the world to
rights. We were sitting there this particular morning at about 9.25 having
our drink, when all of a sudden the
same rod was away again. On picking
up the rod I was connected with the
fish for all of ten seconds when all
went slack. I retrieved the rig only to


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