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The Hunt for Hendrix
find that the bloody hooklink had
parted at the knot! An error on my
behalf, as in my haste to get the rod
back out after the previous fish I hadn’t tested the hooklink as I normally
do. I must have tied it wrong, as it has
never happened before, and has not
happened since. A harsh lesson
I tied another rig up and got the rod
back out on the spot hoping that I
hadn’t buggered up my chances of
another fish, then continued with my
brew and chat with Ian. My friend
Clayton turned up to see me, and just
20 minutes after recasting, while we
were all having a chat, the same rod
was away again. I thought that this
time all was good, but just a few seconds in the bloody hook pulled! How
I didn’t launch the rod into the trees I
don’t know, but at that point all went
silent. I checked the hook and it was
still razor sharp, so I don’t really know
what had happened. What I will say
though is that the fish were definitely
on the particle that I had put out, and
it was well worth doing. I re-did the
rod, Chilly went off to get his rods
back out, and Clayton left, leaving me
to contemplate on what a shit morning I had had. Nothing more happened that day, but I went off to bed
that night thinking that there was still
the chance of another fish.
Tuesday morning saw Chilly back
round for his morning cuppa and
chat, but this time he was accompanied by Milky aka Gary Lowe. After a
brief chat the pair of them went off on
their way round the lake on the lookout for some fish. An hour or so later
while I was up one of the trees having
a look for any signs of fish, one of my
close in rods signalled a take. I ended
up jumping out of the tree from about
20ft up landing on my stomach,
which winded me, but I really needed
to have this one. After a short scrap I
netted a half-decent mirror just as Ian
and Gary walked round the corner
back into my swim. Together we
weighed the fish at 30lb 8oz, and
Chilly took some cracking pictures for
me. It turned out to be a spawned-out
fish known as Herpes, but as it was
my first 30 from the lake I was more
than happy. It turned out that they
had just witnessed another regular
that goes by the name of Nick Upton
have Hendrix at around 41lb from a
swim just round the corner from me.
This is the fish that I joined for, but I
was more than pleased for Nick. He
went on to have another two fish in
the shape of a 38lb mirror and a 32lb
common. Good angling, Nick.
Wednesday morning saw me have
another two fish, both of which were
18lb mirrors. Though not massive fish,
I was more than happy to have six
takes in a session resulting in four fish
landed, topped by the 30lb mirror, and
as I left the lake later that afternoon I
knew I had had a result. I was just a
little unlucky with the sizes of them,
as most of the fish in Cleverley are 20pluses; it’s just the fish I had were
more than likely spawned out.
The next couple of sessions that I
did saw me land just one other fish,
another double. I did lose a fish at the
net one night though, due to it picking up one of my other rods and the
line probably travelling down and
knocking the hook out! It was a good
fish too from what I saw, but there is
no point dwelling on it – that’s fishing.
The following week saw me go
down with the dreaded swine flu,
(Top left) I sat behind the camera on
its tripod and captured a few showoffs.
(Top right) I'm sure one was Hendrix.
(Left) The hookhold was deep and not
coming out in a hurry.


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