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The Hunt for Hendrix
(Left) First light and I was off out to
collect my prize for some pics.
(Below) Look – I'm smiling again!
That’s twice now this year!
which knocked me for six. I ended up
spending three days in bed unable to
even get my head off the pillow with
a fever, sickness and generally feeling
like shit! When I eventually did get
out of bed I spent the rest of the week
aching all over and stuck in the house,
as I was contagious. The Tamiflu antivirus worked well though, and a week
later I was out and about again. I
sympathise with anyone who has had
swine flu, as I now know just how bad
it is.
I prepared some more particle bait
over the next few days ready for my
next session on Sunday night, some
hemp, maples and tares. I hope that
these, combined with the Scopex
Squid hookbaits will see me catch a
few more of the lake’s habitants
including the one I joined the lake for
– Hendrix! With the particle all sorted,
Sunday night was soon upon me and
I was on the road just after 7pm heading towards Cleverley for the usual
48-hour session, and what a session it
was. I arrived at the lake at just after
7.30pm to find a few people on, which
is pretty unusual for a Sunday night. It
turned out that it was busy because
three people had arranged with Ben
Lofting, the lake’s owner, to do a week
session. There is generally a 72-hour
rule on the lake, but with prior booking you are entitled to do the occasional week session.
I had a walk round the lake and
after a quick chat with Luke who was
also fishing, I decided to drop into
Gavcatraz, as he informed me that
there had been a couple of fish showing in the area. I knew the swim quite
well and knew where the spots were,
which meant that I didn’t need to lead
around too much. Within around half
an hour I had all three rods out. Two
were cast about 30yds out to the edge
of a weedbed, and the other was cast
to the right of that and a little further
out at about 35yds. All three rods
were cast out with small barrel
Scopex Squid hookbaits topped with
a trimmed piece of fake corn and PVA
bags of Scopex Squid freebies. For the
next couple of hours I proceeded to
spod around 15kg of the mixed particle out over the two rods that were
close together. By around 10.30 all the
spodding was completed, and a few
mesh PVA bags of Scopex Squid barrel freebies had been catapulted over
each rod. I always pult out PVA bags
rather than loose freebies, as the bags
mimic the one cast out with the hookbait attached to it, thus making it
harder for the carp to suss out.
With everything completed, rod


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