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The Hunt for Hendrix
Big Girl for Luke Stevenson at 37lb 6oz.
and bait-wise, I set about putting my
Profile up and then getting the kettle
on. After a quick cuppa I got my head
down for the night, as I was knackered. At about midnight though I was
woken by a fish crashing out, not over
any of my rods but over across to the
far right-hand margin. This area was
where I had previously taken a 27lb
mirror and a 22lb common, and I usually would have placed a bait there
when I fish this swim, but had
decided not to this time as I wanted
two over the particle. It was a clear
night and I could see most of the
water in front of me quite clearly, so
when the fish showed again some 20
minutes later I could see it was a
decent one. I must have fallen back to
sleep, but I was awoken a couple of
hours later by a strange slapping and
sploshing noise. I checked the time
a nd i t w a s j us t a fte r 3 a m, but I
couldn’t see where the sound was
coming from.
I got out of bed and went to the
water’s edge, and as I looked out to
the lake I noticed the tails of two carp
sticking out of the water over in the
far margin to my right. That’s what
the noise was! These two fish were
digging around in the shallow margin
water that is a little over 2ft deep, and
their tails were slapping the water as
they foraged in the silt and gravel bottom. I couldn’t help but think that I
had ballsed up by not putting my bait
there this time, but there was nothing
I could do now, as by putting it there
I would surely spook them. I decided
to leave it until the morning, but continued to watch them for a further
hour before tiredness got the better of
me and I got back into bed and drifted
off to sleep.
I was awake again first thing, as I
wanted to get up the tree that was in
the corner of the swim to see if the
fish were still there. I climbed to the
top, put on my polarised glasses and
looked down into the water. On looking down I was amazed to see not
two fish but at least four, one of which
was Tango the big common that was
probably over 40 at that time. The
other fish ranged from high doubles
to mid-20’s. I sat up in the tree for
around 20 minutes watching these
fish digging about on the bottom, but
as the sun came up they slowly
drifted off out into the deeper water. I
climbed down from the tree, went
back round to the swim and reeled in
one of the rods fished over the particle. I rebaited the rod with a fresh
chop (barrel shaped boilie) and
topped it off with another piece of
fake corn. I then tied four PVA mesh
bags of freebies (one for the rig and
three to go in around the hookbait)
before wading out round the margins
to the spot where I had watched the
fish feeding. On reaching the area I
gently lowered the hookbait with a
PVA bag attached into position, and
dropped the three other PVA bagged
freebies as close to it as I could. I then
put two large handfuls of the particle
mix over the top of the spot before
carefully walking back along the margin to the bank whilst all the time
keeping the line as slack as possible
to get a decent line lay, so as not to
spook any fish should they decide to
come back in.
Rig-wise I was using the Nash Diffusion Leader with the Diffusion
safety clip and tail rubber, a 2.5oz
Atomic Dung Bottle Bomb lead and
The Missing Link hooklink material in
20lb fished as always blow-out style
with the oval rig ring and a size 8
Fang X hook. As I have mentioned
before, I use this setup for a large percentage of my fishing, and have total
confidence and faith in it. After all, if it
works well then why mess about with
things? With everything sorted it was
now just a case of hoping that they


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