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In Search of Monster Carp
e join Phil for
his contribution on the
last week of
the season at
Phil: About 10am I had a take on my
right hand rod, and after playing it for
a minute or two suddenly the hook
pulled – I was gutted, never mind, get
back out there, I thought. With a new
rig on I cast out again to the same
spot. Peter who was opposite, and
had a few fish showing over him, and
Dean who was in Spindly Tree also
had fish showing there.
It was about 11.30am when the
same rod burst into life again, and I
thought to myself, please don't let this
hook pull. There was quite a bit of
silkweed up the line, which was a bit
worrying, and the fish seemed to just
plod about using its full weight up
and down the margins. A fella called
John was ready to net the fish for me
when Peter appeared in the swim, so
John gave him the landing net. After
about 15 minutes Peter landed it for
me, and he said, “It’s a biggie.” With
that Del came into the swim, looked
(Above) Warwicks 34lb common.
(Below) Fingers 38lb 10oz.
at the fish and said it was Hercules –
Peter and I thought it could be 40lb.
We got all the necessary ready, and
lifted it out onto the mat. It was a big
girl, and the Reubens swung around
to just under 40lb – 39lb 10oz, but I
was so pleased because it was the
first time I had caught this fish, and
what a cracker. With the photos done
I gently slipped her back to the
depths of Horton Church Lake.
My brother and I sat in the swim
and had a celebratory cuppa whilst
talking about the fish, and the one I
had lost earlier. I hadn't cast the right
hand rod back on the spot because
sometimes it’s better to leave the one
remaining rod out there for a while, in


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