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In Search of Monster Carp
case there are other fish feeding on
the spot. This is because the last
thing you want to do is cast another
lead on top of them, and since the
Plateau is shallow, I thought it best
not to cast for an hour or so. I was still
shaking with excitement, then all of a
sudden my left hand rod pulled up
tight, and I was into another fish, but
this felt a bit different; it felt like I had
a big grass carp on the other end. I
played it for a couple of minutes and
it surfaced out in the lake, shook its
head and the hook pulled – oh well, at
least it was only a grassy.
The shower at Horton is first class;
I felt I needed one because of all the
excitement, and it was nice to feel
refreshed. I was soon back in my
swim, where I got both rods out onto
the spot. By this time most of the
swims were already taken, but John
who was in a swim called One Up
(which is the next swim to the
Plateau), and would be leaving on
Saturday morning to go to work. I was
keen to keep my eye on that swim
just in case a move was on the cards.
My brother Pete, who was in a
swim called The Scooter (which is
opposite), had quite a few fish still
showing in his area, but unfortunately
he was a bit unlucky, as the tench
seemed to be feeding, and they seem
to get to the bait first.
Friday 28th March
I thought to myself that the fish had
moved off the Plateau, as the weather
was deteriorating; it was very cloudy
and drizzling with rain. I didn't fancy
any other swim, so I decided to stay
put and rest the swim for most of the
day. I went and had a social with my
brother, and then walked around the
lake to see a few friends. It was nice
to have a break from the fishing. I
(Top) Crop circle mirror.
(Left) 31lb mirror.


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