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In Search of Monster Carp
hook link material, and a size 10 Incisor hook with a piece of shrink tubing
to lengthen the shank. All of that is
from the Gardner range of tackle,
apart from leads, which I am more
than happy with. The hookbait was a
15mm critically balanced Nash
Scopex Squid Liver boilie.
Saturday 29th March
Early morning, and John had a take. I
went to see if he needed a hand, and
he said, “Yes,” so after a few minutes
there was a nice little carp in his net.
“Well done,” I said. It was a mid-20,
which was called Little Nige, and
with the weighing and photos done,
he started to pack away, so I left him
to it. While the weather was cloudy, I
made the decision to jump into One
Up when John went. I asked him if
anyone had put a bucket in his swim
and he said, “No,” so I did, and left him
to finish packing away.
I phoned my brother to say I was
going to move to One Up, and he said,
“How big was John's fish?” I replied,
“Just a small one.” My brother said I
was mad to move into One Up
because of the fish I'd had from the
Plateau swim, but I said that the
weather wasn't right for that swim, as
it was cloudy. He then went on to say,
“Are you not going to punish him by
casting right over?” I said, “I've got to
change my setup and put my big
leads on, ha ha.” It was a bit of a gamble ‘cos now the Plateau swim was
free, but I was pretty confident that it
would stay free. After saying goodbye
to, John I’d moved my gear to One Up.
I changed my rigs to a new hooklink
by Gardener called Sink Skin in 15lb
green. I was only joking to my bruv
about the big leads; I could see he
wasn't very happy. Both him and
Dean said I was mad to move, and
asked, “What happens if someone
comes into the Plateau and bangs out
Shoulders?” I said, “Good luck to
I changed my setup from a baited
area to just two high attract singles. I
was going to use two single Fruit
Salad pop-ups made by Edge Baits;
I've got 100% confidence in them as
singles. With all that sorted I waited
till my bruv's back was turned, then
cast them both out (only kidding
Pete). I even phoned him to make
sure where I had cast was not interfering with him, and he replied, “It
was fine” – job done.
I think Trevor was in the Salt Circle,
so I stuck the kettle on, made a nice
brew for us, and we chatted about our
plans for the close season and the
start of 2008/9 season. I said that
there was a lake that held a couple of
decent fish that I would be having a
dabble on over the close season.
While we where chatting I heard a
lump jump out in the middle in front
of Trevor's swim. It must have been
10.30pm, and I then decided to get
my head down and get up early in the
morning. It turned out to be a quiet
Sunday 30th March
It was about 6am when I woke and
stuck the kettle on for a brew. After
watching the water for a while I
decided to go back to bed. I rolled
over and put the sleeping bag over
my head. It must have been an hour
later when my buzzer was ringing
out, and it was my right hand rod. I
jumped out of the bag and leant into a
fish, Trevor came to see if I needed a
hand, after a few hairy moments he
landed it first time – nice one Trev,
many thanks. I let out a big “YES,”
and my phone was going bananas. It
was Peter, and I told him I would
phone him back as soon as possible. I
got the fish on the mat, weighed it at
31lb 8oz and photographed it – very
nice. I thanked Trev again, then called
Hercules 39lb 10oz.


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