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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Upper 20.
(Below) Reggie mid 20.
Pete, and told him. He said, “Well
done,” and with that I put on a fresh
rig with another Edge Bait Fruit Salad
pop-up, cast to the same spot and
jumped back in my bag.
I was just nodding off when I heard
my buzzer screaming out again, this
time my other rod. When I leant into
this one it felt a better fish; it was
moving slow and heavy, and I couldn't get it off the bottom, plus I was
shaking. As I was playing it my
brother must have reeled his rods in
because I looked around and he was
there, saying, “Do you want a hand you jammy b******?” I replied. “Nice
one, son, – yes, please.”
When I finally got it in the net I
couldn't believe it; two fish in less
than two hours – magic. It was a lump
called Fingers at 38lb 10oz, and that
was when I reminded Pete that he’d
called me mad for moving out of the
Plateau swim. I said, “No Pete, mad is
when I move back into the Plateau
swim,” which I did for the last day, as
the weather was much brighter, and
the swim had been rested for a whole
24 hours, so I was glad it was still
empty. I changed back to the mono
rigs I was using previously in the
Plateau swim, and used a two-bait
stringer of Scopex Squid. I catapulted
20 baits on the spot, sat back and put
the kettle on, and tried to take in the
last few days.
I was all set up and cast out by
midday, and pretty hungry, so I made
some food. There were members
walking past me saying, “I thought
you were in the Plateau swim, only
someone told me you'd moved into
One Up.” I must admit he looked a bit
confused when I told him that I took a
gamble and moved, and it definitely
paid off. I said, “My adrenaline's been
pumping most of my session.” I was
still shaky from the two fish I had earlier. He said, “You had two this morning?” I said, “Yes,” and that's when
my left hand rod pulled tight – I was
on it in a flash, and connected with a
solid lump, which was taking line off
my spool rapidly.
I thought, calm down take it steady,
you've got all the time in the world,
and after a spirited fight I had a carp
called Single Scale in the net. What a
lovely looking carp, and it's got a
huge tail. With the fish on the scales,
they read 27lb 8oz – fantastic. With
the photos done, I slipped her back
then started to pack my gear away, as
unfortunately, I had to work that last
day (Monday). I was so pleased with
myself to have had some fish. I said


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