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In Search of Monster Carp
was the only one in there – what more
could you ask for? It looked good for a
fish or two as well. I was about to cast
my right hand rod, but I had to stop in
mid-swing because I would have cast
on top of a lump, which was just
cruising a couple of feet under the
surface, and it wasn't by itself. That
was lucky, as there must have been 20
or more fish, and they looked very
active. I had to cast, so I waited till the
right time, and I managed to cast both
rods out without spooking them too
With that all done, I stuck my kettle
on, and Jossy sat in my swim for a
while, then went to get some grub. As
I was getting my food ready I heard a
splosh as a carp stuck its head out. I
thought this was a good sign, and for
most of the night there were carp
crashing all over the bay. I couldn't
sleep, and in the morning I’d not had
so much as a sniff, even though they
kept on showing. I must have seen 50
or so fish.
When it got light I saw Merlin come
right out of the water to the wrist of
its tail, and then they were jumping
out two at a time. I thought my rigs
must have been done, so I called
Jossy and said, “I've got the kettle on
– come and watch this going on in
the bay.” He sat in my swim for 15
minutes and he saw 12 carp show. I
was wondering if I should just leave
the rods where they were, or reel one
in to check the rig and recast it. It was
blowing my mind, so I reeled the left
hand rod in, and it looked fine. They
were still showing, so I recast, and
from the moment my lead hit the deck
the fish stopped showing. B******!!
Thinking I had blown it, Jossy said he
would make some tea, so I followed
him to his swim. After the cuppa I
said I was going to see if the carp
were showing again, but I could not
see anything. I said to Jossy I was
going to have 40 winks, and try to
entice a take. I was just getting comfy
when my right hand rod (the rod I'd
left out) was away. I jumped out of the
bag and leant into a Cpowerful fish.
Jossy was in my swim in a flash, and
he netted the fish for me – the Baldy
Common at 26lb – what a result.
The next session I got there on the
Friday at the same time as the previous week. My brother Pete was in the
Springate’s and Jossy was in the
Slope in Dog Bay, so I decided to try
the Sick, and fish with single Edge
Baits Fruit Salad pop-ups. I cast both
rods to the middle, and I didn't recast
on the Saturday; I just left them out.
On the Sunday morning, I had a take,
and it felt like a good’un. I finally got
it in the net, made sure it was fine,
and then shouted to my bruv, “Can
you come and do some photos for
me?” While we were doing the photos
my other rod rattled off too, so what a
session – Pebbles 37lb-plus, and Crop
Circle at 27lb.
Note from Rob: Phil didn’t do a lot
of time on Horton this season, but
moved onto the Thames and another
water, where he caught a 40 and a 50.
I’ll be meeting up with Phil soon to do
a separate piece on these two. n
Day Ticket Carp Fishery
28lb 14oz
Ghost common
Angler: Lofty Speed
Capture date: 21st April 2017
L: 01270 812929
M: 07747 007669
e-Mail brian.reilly@live.co.uk
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