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Canal Carping
have been carp fishing on the
Grand Union Canal on and off
for over 15 years now. What I
love about fishing the canal is
how quiet it can be, free from
other anglers, and not knowing what might be on the end of the
line when you do eventually hook into
a fish. I enjoy fishing during the week
when there are even fewer boats and
anglers. I have caught many fish over
20lbs over the years, and reached 60
fish recently over the 20lb mark with
the largest fish being a 38lb 13oz mirror. I still fish the Grand Union in the
Bucks/Beds area after many years,
although not quite to extent that I did
when I was younger. The Milton
Keynes area in particular has produced many 30lb-plus fish over the
years, and there is also a lot of the
canal between locks for the carp to
move about in, roughly 14 miles,
which keeps the challenge interesting. I have started to fish canals fur-
(Top) Keep enough space for walkers
and cyclists to get by.
(Below) 19lb typical canal fish.
ther afield now, as far as Belgium,
where I’ve taken fish to 58lbs so far.
In general you need to find out
what stock there is in the canal near
you, which is easier said than done in
some parts. You may have to just find
out for yourself, and if you enjoy the
mystery of not knowing what you
might land, then canals could be for
you. Stocks can also vary from stretch
to stretch in an area. What you need
to do next is look for something different to just a straight bank; bays, turnaround points, marinas, boat yards or
narrower sections to start with – anything you think will be attractive to
Once you have chosen an area or
two to start fishing, you need to
plumb the bottom to see if you can
find any feature. Get to know what
the bottom is like, and try to find


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