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Canal Carping
(Right) 20lbs.
(Middle) My choice of leads for the
(Bottom) 26lbs.
something that stands out; a hole,
trough, gulley or a mussel bed are
good examples. During the winter the
water can clear, and visibility can be
much improved, and in some places
you can find features with just your
eyes alone. If you can find a hole or
gully this can be a very good spot to
fish, as food will collect there with all
the boat traffic moving the food items
around. Now you have to be aware
that some of the best spots may not
always be the obvious areas, and
could look very plain from above the
water, but it’s what’s below that matters to the fish!
Leading about can be very fruitful
in finding spots, or even snags you
want to avoid. Also you could use the
butt of your landing net handle or a
large stick, if the water is coloured, to
feel for the difference in the canal bottom in the margins. For the persistent
and dedicated canal anglers, there is
always a chance of something special, both the Grand Union and the
Dorset canals have produced fish in
excess of 40lb. These fish may not be
with us anymore, but there is nothing
to say they won’t produce another big
fish in the future. The Basingstoke
Canal is now also producing some
stunning fish, and I don’t think it will
be too long before it also produces a
40lb-plus fish – food for thought.
Some areas have already received a
lot pressure over the years, and so
catching your first fish could take
some time, but stick at it and it will
happen. Blanks where I fish are quite
common, but when you do locate
them you could have a bumper session. I find some fish can be rather
residential and stay in certain areas,
while other fish can travel large distances. We have recorded some fish
being caught in different areas in
excess of five miles apart.
I like to use primarily boilies. I’ve
used many bait firms over the years,
but I really like Perfection Groundbaits' superb Choc/Orange Nut bait
currently. Robin red-based baits have
also been very productive for me in
the past. I like to use a mixture of
sizes, and I also like to break up some


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