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Canal Carping
(Left) A canal 29lb 12oz.
(Below) 22lbs.
approach. Once I have found an area,
or a specific feature, I will bait it several times a week for several weeks.
While I’m receiving action I will keep
the bait going in, until the fish finally
move on. Now how much you put in
for pre-baiting and whilst you are
actually fishing is probably going to
be a personal choice. I pre-bait with
around 1kg of boilies a night, and will
fish with about 15-40 baits over each
rod, depending on the time of the year
– less in the winter months, and more
in the spring/autumn months of
boilies as well. I don’t use much in the
way of particles, although I have
found hemp can be very good with
boilies. I have tried using pellets, but
the bream just love them, so obviously I stopped using them. Tigers
can also be a winner, and will last
longer against crayfish. Crayfish can
be a problem in places, and I have
suffered from them on occasions.
Tiger nuts can work well, and frozen
or air dried boilies will last a little
longer against them.
Pre-baiting plays a big part in my
Currently I have a set of lightweight
Diawa Theory 2.75lb TC rods at my
disposal specifically brought for the
canals. I would say 2.5lb-3lb TC rods
should be perfect for canal work. You
don’t need big pit reels. I have regular
Shimano GTEC baitrunner specifically for the canals, but any type of
reel of this size should suffice. I tried
to keep my tackle to a minimum; a
nice small padded rod holdall, like the


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