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Canal Carping
(Left) Keeping the tackle light.
(Below) 27lbs 12oz.
three-rod holdall from AI for the rods,
a landing net, bank sticks, the AI baiting pole, and a brolly is perfect. I put
the bedchair and sleeping bag under
one arm, and then put on my rucksack (I like the versatility of the
Angling Intelligence Barra-Ruck). I
strap my unhooking mat to this, and
I’m ready to pound the towpaths with
my kit on my back. As I only do
overnighters, I don’t take any cooking
kit, and I only take what I consider to
be the essentials. So if you bump into
me on a canal somewhere, you won’t
be getting a nice cuppa I’m afraid.
Basically over recent years I built up
just enough gear for only my canal
fishing, and then I have another load
of gear for my big pit fishing as well.
Over the last few years I have
changed my main rig components a
few times. During the last two years I
have dropped the lead clip system
and gone back to the old tulip bead
type setup. Some people new to the
sport may not have come across
these yet, but these type or rigs were
used a lot until the invention of the
lead clips. I really like the lack of
movement of the lead, thus pricking
the fish sooner and giving the fish less
time to shed the hook, as the lead is
on the line or leadcore, instead of
attached via a lead clip system where
there will be movement via the swivel
attached to the lead. I find this is
really safe too. I’ve landed several fish
where the lead was dangling on the
end of the leadcore leader. I only use
a short length of leadcore of around
20in. If you don’t like using leadcore
then you can replace this with something like the Korda tubing; I have
used the khaki and green versions
Now onto the business end: I really
like using braided rigs for the canal,
either 10lb Merlin or Korda’s new
Supernatural braid in lengths of
between 6 and 9in tied to a size 6 or 7
hook via a knotless knot, and a short
piece of silicon tubing or heat shrink
tubing. I also like to use a really supple hair, such as whipping nylon. The
multi rig is also a rig I would use on
canals. I have used stiff rigs, such as
Amnesia, but these types of rigs don’t
seem to be as successful as braided
rigs on the canals I have fished. I’m
not quite sure why, maybe it’s the
way the carp feed, as the canal is


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