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Learning and Earning
one plot. I was in essence picking a
swim from home before leaving.
That’s great when it was a success,
but poor, poor angling for the remainder of the time. I can even recall occasions when I sat in a lifeless swim as
fish after fish lumped out in a different
area. Yes, shocking really, and I can’t
believe I did it. Still, at least I
Another result of this baiting was
that, when the heavy baiting tactic
was copied by others, these baited
spots became very short lived. I am
sure that the fish wised up to these
areas far more quickly than they
would on their natural feeding spots,
and after a couple of quick-ish results
their lifespan was finished. That
didn’t stop me though, and on many
(Above) The plan was working; the 41
from the main bar.
(Below) The result of another quick
move – 32lb.
an occasion I kept going back for
more, even when the fish didn’t!
Lakes change every year, and so do
the spots. Fishing the producing
spots from years past can involve putting you a year behind everyone else.
I knew that no amount of baiting up
would keep areas clear from weed, as
others had planned on, and I made an
early decision not to do it this season.
I’d simply find the fish and fish for
them; it wasn’t rocket science, and
come on, we’re all supposed to be
doing that anyway!
I knew they liked the bait, and
when the spring was on us I intended
changing from the Cream Seed to my
ever-faithful B5 Black Pepper bait. All
I wanted to achieve was to put it in
front of fish. Work it out, Rick!
The next trip down was the following week, and I was back in the small
bay, quite simply because I knew they
were in there. Two simple underarm
flicks got my hook baits out, but I was
also armed with a cunning plan. Right
next to the bay swim was another
plot that gave access to a large section of the far bank in the main lake,
and a totally different area. This far


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