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Learning and Earning
them in and out of the snags. This too
offered me straightforward fishing in
an area I knew well. Two casts with a
lead and I was sure the bar was clear,
and on my last night in the corner
swim the sight of two or three shows
in that area made me wish the days
away until my next trip.
My next one was a short work
night, and the weather was in the
mid-20s as I barrowed my gear over.
There was another member there,
Gary, who told me he had seen a
number of fish show during his stay in
the bar swim. That’ll do for me, but
not before I had had a good look
round, including a long look into the
snag tree. She was there too, the Little
Grey, looking seriously big and really
up for a capture, ramming herself into
the other fish in there and barging her
way out again. I prayed she’d follow
the script again that night, and as I
slipped away back to my swim I
hoped we’d be meeting later in a wet
landing net!
I got my baits out, all the same distance at the back of the bar in the
trough, two with barrel bottom baits
wrapped in B5 paste, and the third
with a 16mm pop-up on a chod rig. All
three gave a solid donk that told me I
was on the hard silt at the bar’s base,
right on where I wanted to be. I
spread out about two kilos of mixed
sized free baits with the catapult
before setting up the brolly and making my neighbour a cuppa. The
evening was quiet, and I knew the
fish would decamp from the snags
and head out in the main lake, giving
me the confidence of takes all night
and into the early morning. As it got
dark, I lay on the bed hoping for sleep
with work beckoning the following
morning. However, the crash after
crash of fish rolling made sleep
impossible, and I lay mesmerised by
my rods remaining static amidst the
Jacuzzi-style activity in front of me.
I glanced at my phone; it was 1am
and still the sounds of fish rolling
were shattering the silence of the
windless night. The next thing, I was
standing holding my right hand rod
as seconds before it had nearly been
pulled in, with me just grabbing the
(Top) The one-rod snag-free spot.
(Below) Gary and the Little Grey –
well done, mate!


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