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Tim sent us this: “I spotted a group of carp
on the surface near some pads. It is a very
hard water and has not been doing much to
bottom baits. Also fish are very wary of
lines, hooks and float controllers. I decided
to use Mainline Master Fluorocarbon 12lb
mainline attached to a 12lb clear Fluorocarbon leader using a blood knot. I then fished
freelined floating breadflake. The carp were
very wary, but eventually I got a take from a
large fish I’d singled out. The hook hit home
and a slow, deep battle ensued. The blood
knot held strong for some 20 minutes
resulting in a successful capture of this
beautiful 28lb 12oz old original common
carp. Casting with the mainline was effortless too.”
Some more fish for Stax using Asso Mainline Sinking in 12lb. “This beauty is 33lb 12oz,
caught from the left hand margin with my usual method mix and Essential Baits Cream
Seed boilies as hook bait. A couple of single bleeps moments beforehand had me by the
rod, and then this beauty roared off in the mid afternoon sun. I’m rather pleased with that.
The others are 26lb and 22lb.”
Richard with 19lb and 25lb carp landed using Asso Mainline Master. He said: “Mainline
Master is perfect for margin fishing, and it sinks perfectly well.”
Martyn Powell: “Well, the first beast I’ve
had on the Mainline Abrasion, and the line
passed with flying colours. I had a proper
good scrap with this 27lb 8oz common
called the Peach from my local syndicate.”
Nick Shattock had another Ebro Beauty on
the Mainline Master in May.
Jamie took his daughter Sky out and had loads more fish! He is loving the Asso Mainlines.
My first chance to use the Asso 0.4mm
Mainline Master fluro coated. Overall
the line has worked great. Did a week in
france and a week back in the UK. Line
lay was great, knott strength excellent.
Performance with a fish on was faultless.


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