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Nectar range and soon to be released
food dips, oils and hydrolysates
ometimes a boilie (no matter how
soluble or high attract it is) will
benefit from having its attractor
profile boosted in order to make
your hookbait more appealing to a passing
fish. A very basic way of doing this is to simply mix a little water with your chosen
flavour and to then dip your hookbait in this
solution. This aids attraction by instantly
releasing the flavour into the water and
hopefully resulting in more pick-ups and fish
in your net. There are many drawbacks to
this style of dip, one of which is not desirable for the modern carp angler and that is
that this dip is not PVA friendly.
It can’t be too strong on the nose, and if
you get your flavour levels wrong, this dip
will actually repel fish until it has worn off
considerably! Nucleus Nectar dips are
based on a sugar/alcohol blend that
includes natural feeding stimulants, the
same attractor profiles as their matching
boilies, and some even contain the key
ingredients that are used in the boilies too.
Due to the Nectar’s makeup, it is extremely
water soluble and PVA friendly. Baits can be
dipped in the Nectar prior to casting out or
left to soak for a little longer.
Leaving your hookbait soaking will produce a boosted hookbait, great for single
hookbait fishing and especially when fishing
over or near silt to help prevent the ingress
of unappealing odours. Another quality that
the Nucleus Nectar has is that loose feed
boilies can be glazed with a small drizzle of
it, which will help to prevent your bait turning bad as quickly, but you should still
observe good bait preservation methods
when on long sessions. Nothing complicated – just store them somewhere in the
shade that is dry and somewhere with a
good airflow like a drying sack. Don’t forget
to bring these baits in at night, still in the air
drying bag and place them in a dry bucket
with the lid on. In the morning, once the sun
has come up, you can hang them back in
your chosen spot again. Repeat this
process each day of your session if you are
able to, and you will be surprised at how
long your bait will last!
Nucleus Nectar really is a versatile dip. It
contains natural and synthetic attractors to
help maximise its attraction properties. Synthetic attractors are all well and good when
used in dips, but in our opinion at Nucleus
Baits we believe that the best attraction
boosters are the natural liquids and soluble
powders/extracts that are available.
Molasses, as an example, is a very inexpensive natural liquid derived from sugar cane.
It is very dark in colour, very sweet, and fish
of all species love it. Soluble milk proteins
really do turn fish on to feed. Fish oils and
protein hydrolysates are very effective when
used in and on your bait, but most fish oils
are not very good for use in winter, and
inclusion rates should be kept to a minimum. There are lots of new natural liquid
attractants coming out soon in the Nucleus
Keep your eyes peeled, folks.
Matt and I often simply crush up a few
boilies and add a drizzle of the Nectar into
a maggot box in order to make an effective
stick mix. If you want it to break down
quickly, simply use the Nectar sparingly until
you achieve the desired consistency. You
can use it as the liquid attractant that goes
into your method mix or spod mix, or you
can drizzle in on maggots and pellets and
leave it to soak in a little. There are always
exceptions to the rule, and on some waters,
heavily-flavoured baits will be ignored by
those crafty carp, sometimes for days on
end, but a single, highly flavoured bait in the
colder months can score brilliantly – provided that you still fish well!
Matt and Karl.


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