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Gemma Williams – I went to the Fendrod Lake in Swansea for a few
hours. On one rod, I was using the Viper Crank hook. I slowly made
my way through the bushes to see a monster 22lb ghostie munching
away! I flicked out my bait a few feet ahead of him and he went
straight for it! My heart was in my mouth. He tried to pull me under
the tree, but I managed to get him back under and get him in the net
within a few minutes. I was absolutely buzzing with my first fish out
of Fendrod!! The hook hold was spot-on and didn’t move at all. I can’t
wait to get back down there.
Aaron Cameron – I went to Linear Fisheries for the first time and
managed to bank eight fish. I decided to fish on B1 in a little bay
where I had seen some fish. I had fish of 21lb, 23lb 10oz, 17lb, 21lb
14oz, 18lb 10oz, 25lb 12oz, 19lb 13oz and a 12lb. The first couple of fish
fell to PVA bag rigs tied with the Viper Tackle Curve Shank hooks.
The rest of the fish were landed with Ronnie rigs with pop-up corn
and the Viper Tackle chod hooks.
Richie Leat – I had a flying visit to my syndicate where I baited with
Complex-T and Tigernut pellets in 4mm and 8mm and half a jar of
chilli and normal hempseed. There were approx 2kg of Tigernut and
The Source boilies in the mix, all covered in the Evolution oils in
every flavour and a small amount of Sweet Tigernut Liquid Feed with
half a jar of Tigernut Boilie Liquid. I caught one of my main targets
since joining the lake, a 37lb 14oz mirror named Kim.
Eric Royston – A 33lb 7oz stunner out of Brooklands Lake using the
Evolution Carp Tackle’s NSR.
Paul Teasdale – This 32lb 8oz mirror was caught during a 48-hour
session. The hookbait was sweetcorn with pellet and maples baited
over the top.


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