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£300,000 of fishing licence money is to be used for
angling projects through the Angling Improvement
At least £300,000 of fishing licence
income is being made available to
angling clubs and fisheries based in
England through the latest round of
funding from the Angling Improvement Fund (AIF).
The money will be used to help
fund general fishery improvements,
river access, measures to control predation and improving access-for-all
on still waters and canals.
The Angling Trust, which administers the fund in partnership with the
Environment Agency, is seeking
applications by July 31st, 2018. Unlike
previous years, there will only be this
one chance to apply in 2018-19.
Applications for funding are invited
under the following themes:
Fish protection and predation
Up to 20 projects will be funded for
work such as installation of otterproof fencing and measures to combat over-predation of fish stocks by
fish-eating birds. Awards of more
than £5,000 will be considered where
the applicant is able to commit a
comparable amount of match funding. The maximum grant considered
will be £20,000.
General maintenance and fishery
A broad mix of proposals are invited
from organisations seeking to make
repairs and upgrades to angling infrastructure at stillwater fisheries and
canals. Applications for improvements to stages, paths and approach
roads, bridges, parking areas, new toilet facilities and for tree and vegetation clearance will all be eligible.
Other ideas to consider might be signage, general health and safety
improvements and training courses to
upskill club officials and members on
the use of machinery when undertaking work party duties. The AIF is planning to make around 40 grants of up
to £5,000 to eligible projects.
River access
We are looking to fund up to 15 projects aimed at improving access paths
to rivers, repairs or enhancements to
handrails, steps, ladders, car parking
areas and hardstanding. Repairs and
enhancements to gates and fencing
will also be considered. Maximum
grant being offered is £5,000.
Improvement works at rivers are
likely to require an Environmental
Permit (EP) for flood risk activities or
else will require registration as an
exempted activity. Hence, we expect
applicants to have engaged with their
local Environment Agency office to
discuss their project and its impacts.
Access for all
A general theme providing funding
for infrastructure projects that will
improve access to angling opportunities and increase participation. Preference will be given to inclusive, sustainable projects that can clearly
demonstrate how the project will
increase participation in junior
anglers or in anglers with a limiting
disability (or have limited mobility)
with applications welcome from education providers, angling clubs, charities, fisheries and local authorities.
Examples include outdoor classrooms
or shelters, toilets, expansion of existing or the provision of new car parking, new pathways, new swims or
platforms. Maximum award of £5,000
to between ten and 15 projects will be
Further information on how to
apply, including key deadlines, eligibility and judging criteria for each
theme will be available on the
Angling Trust website from Thursday,
May 31st. All applications must be
completed using the Angling Trust’s
online application grant management
tool and must be submitted by midday on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018.
It is hoped that offers of funding to
successful applicants will be made by
mid-September and approved projects must be completed by March
31st, 2019.
Since the Angling Improvement
Fund was launched in February 2015,
fishing licence income has helped
fund more than 370 angling projects
worth an estimated £3.8 million, creating or safeguarding tens of thousands of angling opportunities in
Dr Kevin Austin, Deputy Director for
Agriculture, Fisheries and the Natural
Environment at the Environment
Agency, said: “The Angling Improvement Fund is an important aspect of
our partnership work with the
Angling Trust. It is a fantastic opportunity for angling clubs and owners
to secure money for projects to
develop their fisheries and encourage
more people to go fishing. The fact we
have been able to release at least a
further £300,000 of fishing licence
income is excellent news for anglers
across the country.”
Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the
Angling Trust and Fish Legal, said:
“The Angling Improvement Fund has
been a great success and benefitted
hundreds of angling projects
throughout England in a relatively
short time. I’m pleased that this
year’s funding from rod licence
money will once again be used to
protect fisheries from predation, provide opportunities for people to take
up fishing and improve access to
rivers and still waters.” n


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