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Matt Osborn – Well I’m now on my last session before my operation
on Friday. I just had this lovely 31lb 10oz beast named the Leather on
a UK Bait Company 14mm Pro-Evo barrel wafter on top of a few
inches of blanket weed. I filled it in with UK Bait Company Pro-Evo,
Fix-8 and particle over the top of it of course.
Ricki Stokes – I fished Saturday night for the first time this year. I had
two fish, both caught very tight to an island using a Sticky Baits
Buchu-Berry pop-up with the help of Castaway PVA foam to make
sure my presentation was perfect.
Daniel Howe – This mirror was off the deck with the aid of a
Castaway PVA mesh bag of six baits and the foam to ensure
presentation, which it did nicely, as I bagged this one half an hour
after putting the rod out.
Paul Dozier – Finforce Mk2 Banoffee pop-up over Monster Particles
Tier 1 did it for me – a 23lb 2oz common. It beat me up a bit, but after
15 minutes, I finally landed her. Look at the paddle! She was caught
using a Ronnie rig made from Kracken Tackle rig components and
Castaway PVA 35mm mesh.
David Gates – Here’s a 21lb common from the weekend on a Ronnie
chod. Castaway PVA rig foam was used for presentation and baiting
Samuel Chambers – I’m home now after a nice but very wet weekend
on the syndicate! At 4am Saturday, the common tore off from
nowhere and went 21lb 10oz. I put the rod back on the spot and went
back to sleep, and then around 9am, the mirror ripped off and went
23lb 10oz! Hydra Baits TNT was the bait, and the Castaway foam
nuggets ensured it was presented perfectly and settled nicely on the


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