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…and Tha
Home thoughts from Abroad
by Keith Jenkins
o, I thought, how about if
I did it when I was in
Thailand? I called Rob
and he thought it was
good idea, so that’s what
I ’ m d o i n g. L e t m e
explain. I’m off to Thailand on Friday,
May 1st to Stuart Gillham’s place to
catch monsters (hopefully), and that
meant that I was going to be away
when the next article was due in. I
didn’t fancy rushing to get it done
beforehand ‘cos I didn’t think I’d have
much to talk about (who, me?), so
then I came up with the ‘roving
reporter’ type thing. I know it’s not
going to be about carp (well, not like
we’re used to) but when has that ever
bothered me and you? So, that’s the
plan. I’m writing this a couple of days
before departure, then I’m going to do
a bit of diary piece, every couple of
days, whilst I’m away – if I have the
strength, that is. I spoke to Lee Jackson last week about his last trip, and
he said that after he’d caught a 250lb
arapaima, he did his back in and was-
n’t able to move for three days!
Still, all that’s for a little later – let’s
get back to good old Blighty. Hope
you had your flags out last week – Her
Majesty’s birthday and St. George’s
Day – it’s about time we had something to shout about, eh? I was hop-
ing to have a bit of fishing to discuss
with you, but it didn’t quite go to
plan. I’d arranged with Chilly to
spend a weekend as his guest down
at his southwest water, and we’d
decided on the weekend after Easter
as the ideal time. Reels were respooled, new rigs tied on and baits
defrosted, but then, inevitably, I got a
call a day or so before the trip from a
grovellingly apologetic Chillcott. It
didn’t take too long to work out what
was coming, which was a non-fishing
trip. I made him cringe and whimper,
which I will continue to do until I see
fit, but as is the way with these sorts
of things, a disaster soon turned into a
success for both of us, but in totally
different ways.
Chilly was grovelling from Essex,
where he was supposed to be doing a
photo shoot for his mag, but as that
(Top) Miles from anywhere, but what
lies beneath?
(Left) Cap’n Jenks at the helm.


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