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Made In England
(Above) Hey Chilly, what you doing
with that carp in your hand?
(Below) A four-year wait for John Tai,
but was it worth it!
was postponed until the Friday he
decided to pop across to Cleverley
Mere, for which he’d just obtained a
ticket. He arrived just as someone
was returning a 35lb common, prior to
packing up and leaving, so Chilly
thought, ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ However,
someone else had already reserved
the swim, so Chilly was in need of a
new swim. But no. When the other
guy turned up, he went all doe-eyed
and said, ‘After you, mate,’ so in went
the para, like a ferret up a trouser leg.
The opposite margin was most inviting and, despite several aborted
attempts, Chilly eventually plopped
his PVA bag offering beneath an inviting bough and, well, you know the
rest. At seven the next morning he
had a take, and was pretty soon gazing down on none other than Hendrix
at 44lb. I tried my best to sound indif-


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