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Made In England
(Below) What a stonking fish –
Connon Soanes looking suitably
(Below) A UK PB for Crowy, after
many years of trying.
ferent and cold, but it didn’t work, and
it would seem that this could well be
the season of seasons for him – if only
he’d get his head out of his arse and
stop jumping to so many different
tunes! My change of fortune will be
related by Stan Musselwhite, so it
obviously had little to do with carp,
but hey ho, I’m sure Mark Holmes
won’t be reading this so we should be
On an almost fishy front, though,
I’ve just come back from a couple of
wonderful days on a canal boat. My
boss owns one and has recently
moved up to Lichfield, right on the
Coventry canal, so me and Porky
went up there to be shipmates for a
couple of days. It was glorious, so
peaceful and relaxing, but as soon as I
stuck my head out of the back door, I
knew I should have brought a rod
along. Close season, I know, but it
looked bloody lovely, and the further
we went along the canal, the lovelier
it looked. There are great swathes of
countryside that you can never see
apart from by canal boat. No roads, no
houses, just fields and trees for miles,
and those areas must be virtually
untapped from a carp fishing point of
view. We saw one dead carp – a mirror
of about 15lb – so there are obviously
a few in there, and as our journey took
us along the Trent and Mersey canal,
which runs alongside the Trent itself
for quite a few miles, you can be
assured that there have been a few


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