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Made In England
a simple case of, ‘Oh, he’s won, send
him a book.’ Nope, I can see it being
much trickier than that, and I might
need to get Rob in to adjudicate. So
keep them coming. I’m loving just
looking at them and hopefully we’ll be
able to fill a couple of pages with your
efforts. Got some good carp photos as
well, and it’s strange that a lot of them
are commons, and good’uns at that. I
would have normally said that John
Tai’s 46 from Monks Pool was the top
of the pile, but that may not be true
this month. He’d been after this particular fish for four years, and had
been frustrated on many previous
occasions, but not this time. And
being at its highest weight made the
capture even more special. But, there
was I thinking that here was a worthy
‘Spirit Level’ winner, when along
came the next couple. Firstly, David
B i s h o p ’s 4 2 l b c o m m o n f r o m a
Northants pit. Now, that in itself may
not sound like it outdoes John, but
when you hear that it was taken from
a 186-acre pit, on his first session on
the water, then it starts to sound very
special. I don’t know if the fish was an
(Top) Oxfordshire throws up another
cracker – Phil Thomsen with a
cracking mid-30.
(Right) Rob Buckner with his first
surface caught 30 of the year.
unknown, but David was unaware of
its presence in the lake, so that’s
pretty rare, for sure. Then, as if that
wasn’t enough, along came Connon
Soanes with a stunning 43lb 8oz
specimen that is just jaw dropping in
its beauty. Poignantly, he said that he
has waited 30 years to emulate
Walker, and being half a pound shy of
that target mattered not a jot. Bloody
well done to all three of you guys;
these are definitely not ‘common’
carp and would be top of anybody’s
list of must-haves. Strangely, or not,
they were all caught outside of the
‘Golden Triangle’, which just goes to
show how poor geometry is as a way
of finding big carp.


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