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Made In England
about how to fish his lake; you just
have to believe him when he tells you
about it because if you’re stubborn
about your own ideas, he’ll stubbornly keep his mouth shut and let
you get on with making your own
This has been a great holiday, and
this is a great place, which I’d love to
come back to, but I’d do it totally different next time. This country is stunning, and there is so much more to do
than just sit by a lake surrounded by
it. The roads are big and clear, so a car
hired for a few days would be a must,
and the stories of two-day trips up
into the jungle to go mahseer fishing
just have to be followed up on.
If you’re planning to come here,
then do it – you’ll love it. You will
catch the fish of a lifetime, believe me,
and for you it may not be an arapaima. The red tailed catfish are the
most incredible creations and fight
like demons, and we’ve yet to hook a
Mekong catfish, which Stuart reckons
will take no less than two hours to
land. Oh, Ben did hook a stingray, but
after about 20 minutes a swish of its
tail sliced the 36lb line like butter
(apparently, the last nine that have
been hooked have not been landed)!
So, that’s it. Made in Thailand is
complete, and I’ve forgotten what I
wrote a couple of weeks ago, so I’ll
just have to assume that you’re going
to be handed over to the naturally
gifted Stan Musselwhite. Thanks to
Stuart and Benz, Sean and Noi, and
Mun for all the running around. Oh,
and not forgetting Steve for all the
breakfasts and fine English fare that
kept Ben and Vince happy. And good
luck to Jack, who came into this
Night time visitors were many and
world a couple of days before we left.
On a final note, the ladyboys out
here are called katoys. In Phuket there
is a nightclub full of them. It’s called
Katoys ‘R’ Us. I kid you not. Oh, and
ask Stuart to introduce you to Sarah.
You’ll love her.
So, a slightly curtailed Revue this
month, I fear, but quality rather than
It’s always nice to get an unexpected surprise, and this happened to
me twice in the space of 24 hours
recently, and was all down to that
useless oaf, Chillcott…
I reviewed Aynsley Lister’s album
last month (and I hope some of you
took my advice), so when I heard that
he was playing in Crawley, I was
cock-a-hoop. Then I found that it was
on the Thursday night before my outing with Chilly, so I didn’t bother getting a ticket. Then there was no outing with Chilly, but, unfortunately,
neither were there any tickets left. It
was Thursday night; my choice was
Eastenders or a five-minute trip to the
venue to see if there were any tickets
returned. No contest, so after Eastenders… yeah, right! I got to the venue
and asked if any tickets had come
available. ‘No, sorry love,’ came the
reply. Oh well, I’ll give it half an hour
until the show starts. Five minutes
before the off, still no tickets, then just
as I was thinking of leaving, I saw the
ticket lady pointing at me and a guy
walks up and asks, ‘You after a ticket,
mate?’ Hmm, kiss him, shake his
hand or shag his missus? Decisions,
decisions. I opted for handing over fifteen quid and gleefully grabbing the
When I took my seat I was even
more chuffed to be a mere ten feet
from the stage, and then two hours
later, more than willing to have the
ticket seller’s babies!
I just love live music, and as much
as I hoped that Aynsley would be
great, I couldn’t have imagined how
great he would be. He played quite a
bit from the new album, and tracks
like What’s it all about? and Hurricane
were just beautiful. The first half
ended with a hugely extended version of Sugar low, which showed off
all of his remarkable talents, but nothing could have prepared me for one of
the most stunning live songs I’ve
seen in years. The second half started
with a couple of great, blues numbers,
then the opening bars of Prince’s Purple Rain rang out and I held my
breath in anticipation. If you’ve not
heard the full version of that song,
you’ll be unaware of how brilliant a
guitar player Prince is and, sure
enough, Lister gave us more than ten
minutes of the most beautiful, exquisite guitar playing I have heard for
ages. I was almost in tears at the end,
and would happily have paid twice
the ticket money for just that one
song. The rest of the show was wonderful, but that pearl shone bright on
a great night. A week after our return
from Thailand, he’s playing a small
festival in Sussex, and I’ve just
bagged a couple of tickets for me and
Porky, so here’s hoping it Rains again.
The night following this, Porky had
found out that a band called Led D/C
were playing in Brighton – a band
we’d been trying to see for a few
years, and which a number of you
guys had recommended. So, as I wasn’t going fishing (!) we decided to
give it a go, and was it worth it? The
singer is a girl, which immediately


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