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Made In England
gives you concern, but when she
starts singing your fears prove totally
unfounded. The first half is all Zeppelin, and bloody well done, with a few
of the lesser known Zep classics
being aired, like Tea for Two and
Dazed and Confused. The latter was a
little confused, but I believe it was
their first live attempt, so I’m sure the
lead guitarist’s bowing work will get
better. Then the second half, and all
AC/DC, and you just can’t beat it. Riff
Raff, Highway to Hell, The Jack all got
a brilliant airing, and the encore was
an audience-demanded Whole Lotta
Rosie. I just can’t wait until Wembley
next month.
I’ve not heard any new music this
month, as much writing of a new
book has been taking place, so I
haven’t been reading many reviews,
but I do know that Thea Gilmour is
releasing a live album in May, called
Recorded Delivery. Can’t wait, and
hopefully it will presage a new tour.
I’m going to finish with football, in
two mediums. I was looking for a
book to read on the plane when I happened across The Damned United, the
book about Brian Clough’s 44 days at
Leeds. I really fancy seeing the film,
so I thought I’d give it a go. Plane?
Yeah, right! I’ve almost finished the
bloody thing - can’t put it down. I
know it’s part fact, part fiction, but it’s
an incredible read, and shows what a
talented man he was. What he did
with Derby County and Nottingham
Forest will never be repeated, not
with the way money runs the game
now. Small clubs like that will need so
much more than a good manager to
help them succeed in this day and
age, but what Cloughie did was, and
still is, unprecedented. Best manager
England never had, and that’s a fact.
On Sunday night, there was a programme called Best: his Mother’s
Son, and was a remarkably sad and
poignant drama about the effect that
fame had, not only on George Best,
but even more so on his mother; both
of them succumbing to drink related
deaths. Remember last month, when I
pondered on how good George Best
would be if he played now, under the
wing of someone like Ferguson, and
the protection of today’s referees?
Well, the few short clips of him on the
pitch hammered home to me what a
genius he truly was, more a ballet
dancer than a footballer, and in this
day and age you can knock the likes
of Ronaldo and Messi down like skittles, but Best was and still is one of
the most graceful and talented players this game has ever seen. Between
him and Pele, they proved it really
was a beautiful game.
Right, by the time you read this I
assume you will have seen the Star
Trek movie, which is getting rave
reviews. When I return, it will be one
of the first things I do, so you’ll see a
review of it in here next month. And,
as you read this, I will be wallowing in
the memory of Sunday’s Lynyrd
Skynyrd concert at the Brixton Academy.
‘O, to be in England, now that
April’s there.’ n
B I G C A R P TO P T E N - Ta c k l e S h o p
Te l : 0 2 3 8 0 5 1 0 0 7 7


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