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All Things Riggy
ver the last few
months in Big Carp
I’ve focused on
pop-up rigs that
have been hugely
successful in my
own fishing. A lot of anglers however
have a hang up as far as pop-ups are
concerned, and only use straight out
the bag bottom baits. It’s very rare
that I use standard bottom baits, and
the majority of the time if I wasn't
using a pop-up then I would have a
balanced bait – a hookbait that looks
like a bottom bait, but has a degree of
buoyancy that not only takes out the
weight of the hook, but on any suction from a carp has the ability to fly
much further back into the carp's
mouth (hooklink allowing). The
deeper the hook goes into the carp's
cavernous mouth the far greater the
odds are of the hook catching hold
and succeeding in is task of hooking a
If I look back to the captures of the
40lb-plus carp I’ve been fortunate
enough to land, then over half of them
have fallen to balanced baits in one
form or another. The legendary late
Bazil and the Road Lake’s Clover to
balanced boilies, Single Scale to a bal-
anced brazil nut, The Big Orange to a
balanced tiger, and my first capture of
Chunky on a neutral buoyancy pellet.
All clued up carp that slipped up to a
semi-buoyant hookbait!
Adaptability is a major player in my
carp fishing, and where as I use a
pop-up when fishing over a scattering
of boilies, i.e. large food items, I would
change over to a balanced hookbait
when fishing over a tighter bed of
bait, especially with smaller food
items such as particles, pellets and
mini or chopped boilie. It’s all about
putting your hookbait in the zone.
Carp will feed differently according to
the type of food items they're eating.
When feeding on natural bait, they
would be dipping down and picking
off water snails from weed fronds, or
digging in the silt harvesting a bloodworm bed, or slurping down fly
hatches off the surface or just below.
You could loosely liken these natural
feeding acts to boilie, particle/pellet
and zig rig fishing. All require different
rigs and tactics, as a high pop-up will
not be in the feeding zone if that fish
is hoovering small food items tight to
the bottom. This is a situation where
a semi-buoyant bait fished on the
bottom will score.
(Top right) Various shaped and sized
cork balled balanced baits.
1. Nuts and boilies can be used to
great effect as balanced hookbaits.
2.What size of hook to choose?
3. Little or large?
4. A tiny loop that is flexible.


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