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All Things Riggy
not a lover of helicopter setups. This
said, if the in-line nose dived into a
softer bottom I needed some hinge in
the rig to help lay it out flat and not
stick up at an unnatural angle. With
an inch and a half of the coating
stripped back behind the 4in stiff section, I was just left to tie the rig to the
swivel. I did this with a large loop
knot, and left the loop coated. This
helped reduce tangles, as the stiffer
loop helped kick the hooklink back.
With a large 18-20mm hookbait, the
rig would not lie tight to the leadcore
so tangles were almost always
avoided. The large loop with the supple section immediately above gives
maximum movement, helping the
bait to act more naturally and also
aiding with the rig kicking away from
the lead and lying flat on the deck.
I was using a fishmeal boilie, and I
was making my own hookbaits. With
the base mix and blend of liquids I
was able to make slightly boosted,
1. Frimley mix.
2. Frimley fake corn rig.
3. The mono rig.
4. Road Lake rig components.
(Below right) Scale on the Shoulder –
38lb 14oz.
exact looking hookbaits with a cork
ball centre. Using 10 or 12mm cork
balls I was able to make varying
buoyancies depending on what size
hook I was using. Once attached to
the loop of the rig with floss, it was


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