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All Things Riggy
then a matter of adding just enough
weight to slowly sink the boilie down.
With the bait sinking slowly under the
weight of the hook, the rig would
always extend out, dropping the bait
away from the lead and not on top of
it, like a supple braided rig could. The
way I’d balance the bait down was
using the fine lead wire stripped from
the leadcore, and whipping around
the base of the shank tight to the eye.
This would help the hook sit right on
the bottom, and once sucked up, it
would give the hook some weight to
drop to the floor of the mouth. The
other method was to drill a small hole
in the bait, insert a thicker gauge lead
wire and trim until it sunk slowly.
With the concept and the components of the rig decided upon, it was
time to put the rig through its paces,
and with the North not opening ‘til
June 1st, I put the rig to the test with
a few day trips on the other side of the
road of the complex on The Match
and Nursery Lakes. Also I was using a
new boilie, so confidence in the rig
and bait was an essential ingredient
to take over to the North. Fortunately
both rig and bait worked instantly
with a few 20’s from the Match and
some stockies from the Nursery
tripped up to the balanced boilies on
my stiff supple combi rig. Confidence
in the effectiveness of the rig was
high, and despite being fairly late in
the draw, I was able to pick the
famous Corral swim for the start of my
campaign. The long church spot,
which was a sandy hump, got me off
the mark, and my size 5 T-6 hook was
buried in the scissors of a low-20 mirror, which was to be the first of nine
North Lake carp to slip up to my tactics that season. With only one lost
fish, making a 90% landed to hooked
ratio on a very weedy North Lake, it
was good going, and testament to the
rig’s hooking efficiency. My 7th, 8th
and 9th carp came in a 21-hour period
on the first weekend of October, and
culminated in the famous Bazil.
1. Balanced boilie barrels make great
2. A PVA stick stops tangles and
covers the hook.
3. Road Lake rig.
4. Notice the two shots, one to sink
the buoyant bait, and the larger drop


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