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All Things Riggy
Frimley’s One Barb – 34lb 8oz.
The rig was cast into a tiny silty
channel in amongst weed at 70yds
from the End Works swim. The balanced boilie and mechanics of the rig
were both crucial to the presentation.
At 46lb 4oz Bazil was my second personal best in a month, after catching
the second biggest resident, Scale on
the Shoulder, at 38lb 14oz from the
Corral in September. Moving onto the
Car Park Lake I chose to change my
rigs, and it’s only whilst writing this
that it’s dawned on me that I haven't
used the North Lake rig since having
such good success with it back in
With such a greater choice of hooklink materials, especially in the variety
of coated braids available today, I’ve
just tied up a replica rig, but with
Korda Hybrid stiff hooklink and a
Kurv-Shank hook, and all its attributes
are applicable today as they were
back a decade ago. So not only do I
hope that you get some ideas, and get
the grey matter working, but going
back in time jogs my memory and
makes me think about ideas I can
reinvent for my angling that I'd forgotten about. Bearing in mind I’m
fishing for a different Bazil these days,
it could be fate that I’ve written about
this rig, and I can employ it to good
effect on its namesake. I'll have to get
back to you on that one.
The closest rig I’ve used to the
North Lake rig was when I first fished
at Frimley pit 3. I was using a lot of
particle and pellet; sweetcorn was the
major large food item, and a single
piece of pop-up plastic corn soaked in
sweetener was the hookbait. With
such a small, light hookbait I always
attached a PVA stick to the rig.
Because I was using sticks, the breakdown of the stick mix should help
cover the hook. However I still chose
to use as small a hook as possible and
a size 8 ESP Big T fitted the bill. As
with the North Lake combi rig, I left
10mm of the coating of the much
thinner 15lb Sheath Skin before stripping off 10mm to give the hook movement. By the way, the hair was also
stripped to give it flexibility. The rest
of the rig I kept coated with a loop at
the end to attach to a Kwik Link for
ease of loading the PVA sticks. I
chose to keep the rig coated and
down to 6in, as I was fishing over
spodded corn, chili hemp and mixed
pellet, so the fish would be tight to the
bottom, and hardly moving as they
fed. As soon as the hookbait was
sucked in, the lead would come
straight into play and get them in the
lip or scissors.
That first spring at Frimley using
the particle/pellet approach saw me
bank a lot of stunning carp, mainly
commons, but also a few cracking
mirrors with five topping the 30lb barrier, and the One Barb fish giving me
a new personal best common of 34lb
8oz one very wet and windy May
Another rig that I mentioned earlier
is my mono rig that I caught most of
my Car Park carp on. For those who
haven't seen it before, it’s very simple,
and the chosen hooklink is good oldfashioned Maxima in 15 or 20lb
breaking strain. With a size 7 Big T
hook, I knotless knot it and add a rig
ring to the tag end before passing
back through the eye to form a 'D'
and blobbing with a lighter. The other
end is tied with a palomar knot to a
ring swivel. The important part is the
length of the rig and when fishing for
big carp I choose a length of 10in.
Because the mono is fairly stiff it will
fall the full distance from the lead
with a balanced bait, so not only does
it eliminate too much play in the rig,
and the lead still pricks the hook in,
but it keeps the bait away from the
lead and other end tackle so that if a
clued-up carp is feeding next to it, it
could become suspicious and feed
well away from the area, or spook off
completely –¬ not conducive to
catching at all.
I’ve caught using all manner of
baits, from barrel boilies, nuts and
corn on this rig, and it’s just a case of
getting the semi-buoyant bait hovering above the hook and covering it
from sight. The Maxima disappears
on most lakebeds superbly, so with
the lead 10in away, the business end
is camouflaged brilliantly. Although
some of the coated braids today do
have a multitude of uses, I do find it
hard to find one that has the perfect
colour, as most are too shiny, and a
dull finish is what is required on clear
shallow lakes. I'll look at hooklink
materials more closely in a later piece.
The last rig I’m going to outline in
this article regarding balanced baits
incorporates a coated link, and barrel
shaped boilies. With this rig I managed to extract a couple of the most
sought after carp from Longfield Road
Lake, namely the Scattered Linear and
Clover. The Road Lake carp were
known to be cute feeders, so I was
using a baiting of hemp, pellet and
different sizes and shapes of boilie,
which would help confuse the carp,


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