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All Things Riggy
and a hookbait might be less conspicuous. With a balanced cork balled
hookbait rolled into a barrel shape,
hopefully this would lead the fish into
sampling it with less caution than a
standard round bait, which would be
included in the baiting, to put the
carp's focus of suspicion onto these
rather that my hookbait.
When using pellets and hemp I like
to add a small PVA stick on the hooklink. This enables me to fish a long
hair without fear of tangles. With the
stamp of fish I was after having large
mouths, I felt a long hair would give
me the separation between bait and
hook to drop the hook into the floor of
the mouth, and a large drop shot 3in
from the hook and shrink tubing
curved over the eye, it helps in pulling
and flipping the hook into the bottom
lip. With such a snaggy, weedy water
you always want an excellent
hookhold, as heavy pressure needs to
be applied during the fight, so the
rubbery bottom lip is the target for the
hook to take hold.
Sheath Skin was the chosen hooklink, as it’s a fairly fine diameter, and
with finesse being a necessity to get a
bite, it fitted the bill. If I fished over
sandy gravel then the goldy/brown
colour was chosen, and if fishing very
tight to weed the green colour
blended perfectly with fresh weed
growth. As I said earlier, heavy pressure would often need to be applied
due to the snags and weed, so I chose
to use a strong gauged beaked point
hook, and the ESP D-7 had these features, as well as slightly swerved
shank, in-turned eye, and very sharp
point, all aiding a great hookhold.
With about 8mm of shrink tube
extended from the eye, I stripped 2in
of hooklink so the hook end would be
completely braided, as was the long
hair. This would give the benefits of
acting naturally with the soft braid,
and with the PVA stick being this
long, preventing a tangle from occurring. The coated section being finished with a loop for attaching the
sticks also gave good movement from
the inline lead setup. With a shot just
heavy enough to sink the hookbait
pinched under the barrel bait, the rig
would be in the zone tight to the
lakebed, but the bait had that extra
buoyancy to act more naturally than a
tethered heavy bait would.
Both Road lake big’uns were nailed
just two or three hours after arriving
and introducing the bait. The Scattered came from a sandy patch off the
Number One snags with the brown
hooklink, and Clover getting straight
on the Ultraplex fished in a hole in the
weed with the green link.
So if you're looking to fish a bit differently to the Joe Norm who just we
straight bottom baits make yourself
up some special hookbaits and give
balanced baits and rigs a go, I don’t
think you'll be disappointed! n
The gorgeous Scattered Linear at 35lb 9oz on a balanced barrel boilie.


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