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C O M P TO N ’ S L A K E S
w w w . c o m p to n s l a k e s . c o . u k
ver the past few years of
reviewing French waters,
we’ve come a cross some
very new and different
outlooks on ways people
like to run their fishery, and who are we to
say who’s right or wrong? But here at
Compton’s Lakes, Mark Compton, the
fishery owner, seems to be doing
something very right with his approach to
running his own lakes, and only after a
few years his fishery is fast becoming
booked up years in advance. With two
beautiful lakes onsite and some big and
beautiful hard-fighting carp, is just part of
the reason why anglers are coming back
time after time.
Compton’s Lakes are situated just
south of Limoges by about 35 minutes, in
a small town called Bussiere-Galant, with
the grounds and venue sitting in around
20 acres of beautiful French countryside
and woodland. Now the normal angling
season over in France can run from
anything to all year round, with some
lakes running bookings week in week out
from January to December scrambling to
fill every week possible, but here is where
Compton’s Lakes stands apart from the
rest, with Mark and his wife Leanne only
booking the lakes out for a maximum of
20 weeks per year between March and
November, making the lakes’ precious
weeks even more sought after. You can
pick any week from March to November
(as long as not already booked), but once
Mark hits his target of 20 weeks, he shuts
the books for that year. This allows his fish
to stay fresh, eat plenty of the naturals
that live in the lake, less stress due to
over fishing, all ready to start growing big,
healthy and strong year after year;
whereas at some waters the fish are so
fatigued and overfished they hardly put up
a fight during the season’s angling.
Mark had a dream, and that dream
was to one day lead the perfect life for
him and his family; for them, mission
accomplished, plus Mark has the added
bonus of them also owning two carp
lakes, and he now shares a piece of that
dream for anglers wanting to sample it.
Mark and Leanne both live onsite next to
the lakes and are always on hand to help
and make your stay even more
memorable… and believe us, you will
enjoy every second at the fishery, as we


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