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Compton’s main lake (Compton’s
Lake) is three acres in size, accompanied
and complemented by its previously used
stock lake (Harry’s Lake) of 1.5 acres,
which he has turned superbly into the
complex’s runs water. Both lakes are
visually stunning and both hold some very
hard-fighting carp; in fact they fight so
hard you really won’t have a clue what’s
on the end until they are at the net… With
carp fast approaching the 60lb mark in
Compton’s Lake, and almost 30lb in
Harry’s Lake, this really is a brilliant carp
fishing holiday destination for its very
modest price.
The specimen lake (Compton’s Lake)
ranges from 2ft to 14ft deep, with a very
good head of 110 carp for the three acres
of water, with a mixture of fish including
some fast growing big carp and some
stunning commons and mirrors, all handpicked and introduced to complement the
ever growing stock. Other species that
have been caught include tench, roach,
rudd and pike, but no bream – YEAH!!
There are several features including the
three aerators and the small wooden jetty
known as the Monk, with the lake
surrounded by lots of overhanging trees
and shrubs, giving plenty of cover for carp
to hide out and test your skills. The lake
record at the moment stands at a healthy
51lb, but the way the fish are piling on the
pounds, Mark and Leanne expect more of
the fish to reach the 50lb mark this
season, with 60s appearing very soon as
Although you can walk and fish
around the whole of the specimen lake,
you can only bivvy up on one side. This is
to help the fishery stay looking as good as
it does and helps give anglers the best
amount of water possible. Exclusive
bookings on Compton’s Lake for up to
four anglers can be booked up to two
years in advance, and if any weeks are
remaining at the beginning of the calendar
year, these will be opened up for
individual bookings up to a maximum of
three anglers, thus reducing the chance of
disagreements and again, ample water for
individuals to fish.
Mark keeps the complex in pristine
condition during the weeks the fishery is
free, and he should be extremely proud of
what he and Leanne have accomplished,
with immaculate banks and walkways and


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