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A Question Of Bait
By Mark McKenna
Send in your questions and Mark will answer them each month in this great new series.
only get to fish one afternoon
and one evening a week on a
water I’d describe as fairly
tricky. Is there anything I can
do to my bait to induce a take
more quickly?
Good question, and the short
answer might even be no! But I’ll run
a couple of possibilities by you that
you can try to nick a very quick bite or
two that have worked well for me, one
of which is to draw as much attention
to your hookbait as possible by
increasing its visual and chemical
The carp is kitted out with
chemosensory organs that are
designed to detect specific groups of
chemicals that will tell the carp there
is food available to it, as well as sharp
eyesight capable of seeing a good
deal of what surrounds it even in very
low light and murky water. By representing as many of these feed-inducing chemical stimuli as possible in
and around our hookbait the stronger
the message we are sending to the
fish’s brain, increasing the likelihood
of a bite sooner rather than later.
The organic compounds necessary
to stimulate aggressive feeding are
well represented in all Baitcraft baits,
as I’m sure they are in any top quality
bait available, and they’re in there in
the right quantities to work the
instant they hit the water straight
from the bag. However there are ways
you can increase this stimuli even further. One way is to use an accompanying glug or dip that matches the
liquids used in the bait to create its
unique powerful aroma, such as our
‘Cow Cola’, which is formulated from
all the same water soluble ingredients
we use to flavour the T1 on a PVAfriendly solvent. It contains fish and
shellfish extracts, amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, ribonucleotides
and fatty acids.
This name came about through our
observation of pods of maybe up to
half a dozen very big fish ‘grazing’ like
cows on bait we’d position for them
in the margins. The liquid, when
applied to the bait as it thawed out,
soaked into the bait, and when positioned in the same way turned the
fish from the graceful creatures we
had been watching into something
like a bunch of ravenous pigs with
their heads in the trough, which is I
guess exactly what you’re looking for,
as this kind of competitive feeding
will lead to mistakes, and that’s what
will lead to fish on the bank in a short
period of time.
Another way of doing this whilst
adding some visual appeal is to mash
up some boilie crumb with the Cow
Cola and make up a little PVA bag
with it to create a little mouthful sized
patch of attraction right under your
hookbait. Some of our customers have
done ever so well in very cloudy and
running water by filling a solid bag
with Cow Cola and flicking it straight
(Left) A capful of liquid attractant.
(Top) Pour into a bag.


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