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A Question Of Bait
in with the hookbait.
That’s probably the easiest way of
increasing the chemical stimulus,
obviously the little bag of crumb scenario will help create visual attraction, but don’t be shy of exploiting
visual stimulus still further by adding
a drop of colour to your rig, a lot of
waters have been well exploited on
flouro pop-ups both real and plastic,
but a little fleck of something bright
still works well. My own personal
favourite is the little yellow sweetcorn
hair-stops made by Enterprise; I’ve
had one of them on permanently for
the last eighteen months, and I like to
think they’ve made a difference to my
catch rate – they certainly haven’t
done me any harm!
It would also be remiss of me not to
mention that as you’re fishing for a
short period during daylight hours it’s
important to disguise your presence
from the fish as well as possible. You’ll
find them a lot easier to catch if they
don’t realise you’re fishing for them,
so pay a great deal of attention to
making your terminal tackle as unobtrusive as possible. It would also be
remiss of me not to mention that
whilst drawing attention to your
hookbait in the way I’ve described
above may be the best approach in
most circumstances, you need to be
aware of the pressure that these fish
you’re angling for are under. Whilst
the products I’ve recommended from
us are well formulated to avoid over-
loading the fishes’ senses, they may
still feel more comfortable feeding on
bait that appears to have been there
for a while, which they may come to
regard as a lower risk option upon
which they’ll feed more confidently.
You can hedge your bets and find
out which is the right approach by
having a rod on each method and
seeing which they pick up more
quickly – the bait fresh from the bag,
the glugged bait or the washed out
(Top) Boosted Freebies accounted for
this one.
(Right) Along with frozen bait and
inflate with air.


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