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A Question Of Bait
Shake vigourusly until thoroughly
coated and allow to thaw.
version. Our pop-ups are designed to
have identical smell levels to the bait
from the bag, so you can treat these
the same as your freebies, and they
will match what you are fishing over.
One of the most common mistakes
made by people new to short sessions
is to put far too much bait out. Sticking with the little bags and maybe a
handful of freebies dotted about is all
that is required – the more you put in,
the greater the odds are stacked in
their favour, and that’s just bad
Another aspect of short session
fishing people seem to neglect is not
doing enough preparation. You should
be turning up with bags made up and
hookbaits on your rigs ready to be
clipped on and cast out. Try if possible to recce the water the evening
before a morning session so you know
where they are, and can have baits in
the water in the right place for as long
as possible during that critical dawn
period. Likewise if they’re not there,
go and find ‘em. If you inadvertently
nudge them off, try and get in front of
them and have the traps set for when
they pass through, and if they have a
habit of being in a certain place at a
certain time of the day in certain conditions, put yourself in the right place
at the right time adopting a mobile
approach, as baits that will get a
quick bite from a fish that isn’t there
don’t exist. I hope this helps you
achieve what you want; catching on
short sessions from hard waters is
hard work, and I respect anybody
who does it successfully. n
Bill Ruston
31lb - NEW PB
Dan Martin
27lb - NEW PB
Ash Baker 25lb 8oz
Andy Lewis 27lb
Roy Saville
34lb - NEW PB
Here are some of the great carp the team have caught this month
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