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International Virgin
a couple of handfuls of Dynamite
Hemp and a few more boilies. I then
placed the other rod to the far margin
about 2-3ft off the edge, and then catapulted around a dozen freebies to
the left of the hookbait. I had changed
the rigs from what I had been using
on stretch 7-8, and went with a 6in
black Amnesia knotless knotted rig,
with a single bottom bait just off the
bend of the hook.
It was a lot milder than the previous
evening, and a couple of hours later
(Top left) Sibelco, last morning of first
(Top right) Dessel Canal.
(Below) 39lbs, Dessel Canal.
the Neville startled me – I was away
with an absolute belter. It was a real
battle, with me struggling to make
any headway, and the fish just kept
going and going. It took me a few
minutes before I started to slow the
fish down. It still had a lot of power,
and I could feel the line grating on
something. Worry starts creeping into
your mind in these moments. I started
to make some headway; I was drawing the fish closer to me, but my landing net was still sitting by the brolly,
as I was 20yds down the bank to the
left, so I had to loosen the clutch and
get back to the net. I got to the net,
and then put some pressure on the
fish again. I drew the fish nearer and
higher up in the water, and at last the
grating finally stopped. I had no idea
if the line would hold out, so I eased
up on the pressure a little. The fish
was now nearing the surface with the
odd boil and swirl – the fight was still
not over yet. I was getting worried it
might catch my other line, as it kept
powering down deep, and I even
started thinking I had maybe hooked
a catfish. With my arms and shoulders
starting to ache, it took several
attempts to get the fish into the net,
as every time I got the fish close to
the net it would surge off again. I
could tell it was a carp at last, and
maybe on the sixth or seventh
attempt I managed to bundle the fish


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