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International Virgin
(Right) 28lb 14oz – Dessel Canal.
(Below) 34lb 2oz from the quiet
there again pretty quickly, so I put
some sort of plan together with the
knowledge gained from the previous
trip. I was going on my own again,
although I now had details of a couple
of local anglers I could call if assistance was required.
My initial plan was to bait up the
quiet stretch on the Kempisch Canal
every day of the trip, and then fish it
at the end of the trip. Pre-baiting is a
big part of my approach to fishing the
canals in the UK, and so I wanted to
do the same if I could abroad too. I
was going to start on either the
Verbindings Canal or another stretch
of the Kempisch. I was also interested
in the Dessel canal, but I could find
little information about the place,
which got me even more interested. It
had an air of mystery about it, well, at
least a little of the unknown to anglers
outside of Belgium. The canal was
connected to the Verbindings and
Kempisch, so it must have some nice
fish to go for. So I decided I would use
this trip to have a look for future trips.
It was a Bank Holiday Monday in
May when I said my goodbyes to the
f a m i l y. T h e c r o s s i n g o v e r w a s
uneventful this time, thankfully. My
first port of call was the quiet stretch,
where I pre-baited three spots with
around 1lb of 14mm and 18mm
boilies, and a few handfuls of Dynamite hemp and tigers on each spot.
After looking at a few stretches, I
picked up my licence from the local
post office and made my way to the
Verbindings, near to the entrance of
Sibelco Lake. There was already
Dutch couple fishing the lake
entrance, and I set up a few hundred
yards up from them. I placed both my
rods on the bottom off the shelf, and
then fell asleep for the day. I awoke in
the early evening, and wound in my
rods. I went to have a chat to the


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