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Diary of a Carp Fisher
(Above) 70lb Siamese carp.
(Below right) A strange wallago.
ably only half that weight, but as you
can imagine, they take some landing.
Then there are the Chao Phraya catfish as well, and again there are probably 100lb-plus specimens in there,
but the world record, which was
caught at Stuart’s lake, is about 90lb, I
One of the targets when you go out
there is to try and catch fish into treble figures. I’ve done it many, many
times with the arapaima, and I hold
the world record as you know for the
Mekong catfish at 188lb, so a treble
figure carp was what I really wanted
to catch. That demands carp fishing
tactics; boilies, maize, being very
careful with the positioning of your
baits, marking your spots, plumbing
your swim, and using the correct
methods at the right time. I came up
with a killer method, and I’ve got to
tell you about it in a moment. I did
catch an extraordinary number of
carp on this trip considering I didn’t
fish that much to be honest.
So I set my stall out for carp, fishing
with maize. Mark McKenna from Baitcraft actually made me some huge
boilies to take out there with me,
which he called the Krabi Mix, along
the same lines as his T1, but he added
a couple of ingredients to make these
very hard, to put off nuisance fish that
you’ve got out there; the pacu piranha and the alligator gar, which will
chisel even the hardest boilies down.
Stuart does do his own boilies on site,
and they are probably the best boilie
you could possibly use, as the fish are
fed on this type of stuff, so they look
for it to the exclusion of most other
things. However, I wanted some
really big boilies; 2in diameter jobs,
and Mark McKenna kindly made me
some up and sent them over with
some Cow Cola, which I very carefully
packed in my suitcase. I used these
big boilies quite a bit while I was out
there, and caught a lot of fish on them.


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