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Diary of a Carp Fisher
ver in the UK finals last year, and
bronze in the European finals, so it’s
something he really enjoys doing.
But on this particular trip, when he
saw me catching some of these
Siamese carp so easily on the float,
we decided to take it in turns, and
then his interest moved to the big
catfish; the red tails and the sorubim.
These can be caught up to 30lb-plus
fairly easily right in the margins, and
he had some great specimens. Of
course then he wanted to catch an
Arapaima, but unfortunately, even
though he hooked a couple, he didn’t
land one. Both shed the hook, but he’s
told me he can’t wait to get back out
there and have another go, and who
knows, perhaps he’ll get into carp
fishing as well. We intend to get
together and get out and do a little bit
of the fishing that I love here in England.
I must say a big thank-you to Stuart
and Benz for inviting us, and for all the
care and love that they give us when
we’re out there. They really do look
after everybody that goes there; you
never hear a bad word said about
them or the place, and I can’t wait to
get back out there, mate. I’m looking
forward to seeing you in the spring
(Top) Early action for my partner, Jon.
(Below) We’re in the lead.
when you come over to the Five
Lakes show to promote the holidays
Next time I was out fishing was
actually a couple of months later,
what with the production of the book,
a n d i t w a s S c o t t G r a n t ’s G r e a t
Ormond Street fundraiser at the Dell.
You might remember reading about it
last year when my partner was a
lovely guy called John Butcher, and
we came out fairly quickly in the
draw. I think we got our third choice
of swims, which put us to the left
hand side of the main feature in the
lake, an island. This had always been
the hot area, and this had been the
area where the fish were caught from
the year before. It’s the holding area
usually for the fish, and everybody
wants to draw this area, and this year
was no different. But the previous
year, 2008, John and I drew the left
hand side of the island, and we ended
up winning the weekend event with
three fish. If my memory serves me
right, John had a 27, which was the
biggest fish of the weekend, and I had
a 25 and an 18, which I caught on a
floater. There was only one other fish
caught that weekend, and that was
by Jerry Hammond’s partner, who
cast across the lake into our area. Let
me tell you, there’s a lot of this going
Remote control boats were banned
in 2008 because of the problems they
had with them in 2007 where people
were literally going three quarters of
the way across the lake to drop baits


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