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Diary of a Carp Fisher
in the going area. This is not bitching
in any way; it’s all part of the weekend. It’s a great laugh, and nobody
cares really, it’s all part of it, and
everybody there has a great time, so it
wouldn’t matter if somebody cast in
your swim or not. Once the evening
comes and the beer starts flowing,
who cares anyway?
Nigel Sharp kindly picked me up
this year, as he only lives five minutes
down the road from me, and we travelled up together. As usual we tried to
get up there fairly early on the Friday
morning to have a look round, and I
think we were up there by around
about 8.30; the match kicking off at
midday. On arriving at the Dell, we
noticed that the majority of the fish
were showing right next to the bar
and BBQ area. I’ve got to be honest,
most of us thought that once the
music kicked off and the bouncy castle was up and all the hundreds of
people were there, there was no way
that these fish would stay off that
bank and that they would, as in previous years, head off down the lake and
sit out in the middle behind the main
island area. So everyone without
exception wanted to draw either side
of the island, or any of the swims
where that area could be reached,
which is probably about four swims in
(Top) It’s time to begin the wind-up!
(Right) A very affectionate Dave Levy.
all honesty.
The stars this year were as follows:
Johnny Mac, Dave Levy, Jerry Hammond, Gary Bayes, Kenny Dorset, Lee
Jackson, The Milky Bar Kid, Nigel
Sharp, and me. Nigel Sharp was first
out of the hat. I think he’d been last
the previous few years, and hadn’t
really caught anything over the four
years that he’d fished this particular
event. Everyone was well pleased
that he’d come out first, and of course
he chose the best swim on the venue;
the right hand side of the island.
Milky Bar Kid was next out of the
hat. He’d actually won the event in
2007 from the right hand island swim,
but as Nigel had taken this spot, he
chose the left hand island swim
where John and I had won the event
in 2008. Next out was Jerry Hammond who went directly opposite the
Milky Bar Kid and Nigel.
After that came Gary Bayes who
went next to Jerry Hammond, also
facing the Milky Bar Kid, and John
and I were fifth out of the hat, so we
went to the left of Jerry Hammond in
one of the unfancied swims. This only
left the unproductive bottom bank
where Kenny Dorset and Lee Jackson
ended up, or the very noisy Party
Bank but where the fish were showing, and this was where Dave Levy
and Johnny Mac would end up. Let
me tell you that anybody fishing on
this bank doesn’t get any sleep all
weekend; the music goes on until 3 or
4am at least, and it’s very loud. There
was live music this year on the Saturday night with a hillbilly band, and
Christ could these guys play their
banjos. I never liked that music par-


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