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Diary of a Carp Fisher
ticularly before, but I came away a
convert, and they were very, very
good indeed. Add to that the BBQs,
and the bar, which is open 24 hours a
day, and it does mean that whoever
fishes those swims on the Party Bank
has no way of getting away from it,
and Dave Levy and Johnny Mac did
get in a right old mess, let me tell you.
The most amazing thing about the
weekend was that all but for a short
spell when the fish moved very
briefly, they were held up right in front
of all that noise, probably no more
than about 50yds out from where
Dave Levy and his partner and
Johnny Mack and his partner were
fishing. There was a huge slick coming up off the bottom. Dave had actually been out in the boat to try to
release a fish from the weed, and he
said that there were massive clouds
of daphnia out there. Whether these
fish were actually feeding on hatch-
ing daphnia, or bloodworm or whatever, I don’t know, but they were out
there. They weren’t going to be
moved, not without a hell of a commotion anyway, and believe me there
was a hell of a commotion going on.
(Top) “Ain’t no stopping us now.”
(Below right) The gay bar in full
(Below left) A strange shot of Gary
Bayes and Dave Levy.


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