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Diary of a Carp Fisher
12 o’clock midday on the Friday,
and everyone was full of anticipation.
To be honest, John and I were feeling
a little bit dejected having come out
of the hat fifth, and getting one of our
last choices of swim, so we really didn’t feel that confident. I decided to do
as I’d done the year before and have a
little go with the floaters before it got
too noisy. Once the quad bikes and all
t h e p e o p l e a r e w a l k i n g a r o u n d,
chance of catching anything off the
top soon disappear, but that first hour
or so after midday, if it’s a nice day,
and it tends to be in August, there’s a
chance of picking one off the surface.
I managed to get behind the wind
with the mixers and put out a line of
them. It was a very brisk wind actually, and the mixers were moving a bit
fast, but I had one or two fish coming
up, and did have a couple of casts, but
had no swirls at the hookbait at all. I
had a few freebie mixers taken, but
the opportunity was soon gone, and I
didn’t bother any more for the rest of
the weekend once all the noise
However, by Saturday morning no
fish had been caught, and they were
still showing off of the Party Bank.
John and Dave must have been feeling really confident, as they were
head and shouldering at the rate of
one every ten seconds. Everybody
was really just sitting there waiting
for them to head off down the lake
and get round the island again where
surely Nigel Sharp and the Milky Bar
Kid would cane them, but they didn’t
move. Even when the music got
going on Saturday morning again and
people were turning up with their
kids for the BBQ in the afternoon, still
the fish stayed there.
Jerry Hammond was actually first
in, fishing to the right of John Butcher,
my partner, but unfortunately the
weed was so bad, and he’d cast quite
a distance out towards the island, so
the fish shed the very small hook that
he was using. John and I realised that
there was some mileage in this, and
John had a remote control boat, as
they were allowed again for 2009,
with the proviso from the boss, Scott
Grant, that if the children didn’t play
with their toys nicely, then they
would be taken away from them.
Anyway, we fixed our setup with
leads that would eject as soon as we
had a pick-up, as the last thing we
wanted was a lead on the line out in
(Top) With a little help from my
(Left) Amphibious carp vehicle in


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