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Celebrities Endorse National Fishing Month 2018
Yo u m a y h a v e w o n d e r e d w h a t
National Fishing Month is all about, or
why every year during July and
August, there is so much talk about
angling. Two famous faces who know
why fishing is one of the most popular
sports and hobbies in the UK are
author and TV presenter of River
Monsters, Jeremy Wade, and TV presenter and keen angler, Nick Hancock.
Jeremy commented: “The National
Fishing Month (NFM) campaign is a
great way for people to learn the
angling basics and appreciate the
outdoors. By introducing newcomers
to the sport, you pass on a gift that
stays with them throughout their
Best known for hosting BBC’s They
Think It’s All Over and Room 101,
Nick Hancock will be hosting the
new-look Fishing Theatre at The
G a m e Fa i r t h i s s u m m e r w h e r e
N a ti o na l Fi s hi ng M o nth w i l l be
Nick said: “I am really looking forward to meeting and interviewing
some amazing anglers in the new
Fishing Theatre and seeing all that
this historic event has to offer the
country sports community.”
With over 250 events spread across
the UK between 27th July and the 2nd
September 2018, scheduled specifi-
Nick Hancock.
cally to target the school summer holidays, there are plenty of spaces for
families to book, get out on the bank
and have a great day out together.
It doesn’t matter what age you start
fishing. Children can take part on
equal terms with their grandparents.
You can fish alone, with friends and
family or in an organised group for an
hour or two or for a whole day – you
have the freedom to choose. Angling
is fun, all the family can take part and
research shows that fishing can be
good for you, providing outdoor exercise activity and mental wellness.
The Angling Trades Association
created NFM 26 years ago and financially contributes to the running of
the participation initiative. Over the
last 26 years, members of the trade
association have donated hundreds of
thousands of pounds worth of tackle
to organisers and coaches to help run
the events and supplied loads of
‘goodies’ and prizes to be given away
to the people taking part. This year’s
headline sponsors include manufacturers Daiwa, Pure Fishing and Leeda,
with retailers Fishing Republic, Fosters of Birmingham and Angling
Direct providing donations and logistical support.
In support of the participation programmes to get more people fishing,
the Environment Agency gives a percentage of the money raised from
fishing licences back into these programmes like NFM. The Angling Trust
supports NFM through its team of
Regional Officers and its fishery, club
and coaching membership, who are
all encouraged to take part in and
support local events.
The Professional Anglers Association, Game Angling Instructors Association and Angling Cymru support
angling coaches across the UK. They
promote NFM by organising and supporting a large number of local events
across England and Wales.
Why not enjoy yourself this summer, get outdoors and get healthy?
Take part in a National Fishing Month
registered event and follow thousands of young people, parents,
grandparents and friends who enjoy
quality family time together at the
waterside over the holiday period.
Book your place at an event now at
All children under the age of 16 can
now enjoy a free fishing licence to fish
in still waters, rivers and streams. Just
v i s i t w w w. g o v. u k / f i s h i n g licences/buy-a-fishing-licence
National Fishing Month 2018 runs
between 27th July and 2nd September. n
Update on
campaign to
control cormorants
Thank you to everyone who reported
sightings of cormorants and goosanders
for our second Cormorant Watch initiative, which recently came to an end. This
has provided us with useful information
about the distribution of birds over the
past winter and we’ll be using this information to press for more improvements
in the management of fish eating birds in
England and Wales. n


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