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Diary of a Carp Fisher
this thick weed. Probably only about
an hour after Jerry lost his fish, John
was in, and it turned out to be the
biggest fish of the weekend again. In
fact John has had the biggest fish the
last three years running, and funnily
enough, I had it the year before that
when I the big girl out of Cleverley
Lake. So John landed the first fish of
the weekend; a gorgeous looking
28lb-plus – a really stunning looking
fish with a huge rudder. It was an
incredible fight, with it going under
the lines and down the margins. Time
and time again he got it to the net, but
it just ploughed off again, and we
breathed a sigh of relief once that first
one was in the net, as we were once
again on the top of the leader board.
We couldn’t believe it, and from a very
unfancied swim. Scott made a comment at this time, asking what our
team was to be called, and I suggested that ‘The Winners’ would be a
good name for our team, so that’s the
team name that stuck, and so the
wind-up began.
Unbelievably only about half and
hour later, John was in again, right out
in the middle across towards the
island. There were certainly some fish
out there, although there was still a
huge number showing off the Party
Bank. This fish turned out to be a
common around about 15lb, but
added to our total weight, it put us an
impressive 43lb in the lead.
The next bite was soon to follow,
this time from Dave Levy’s partner,
fishing on the Party Bank, and Johnny
Mac was quick to get something in
for the wind-up by screaming up the
lake, “Come on the Party Bank.” With
that, my left hand rod suddenly flew,
(Top) Why we are here.
(Right) Scott and the chef.
and I was into my first fish of the
weekend, and I just couldn’t help
retaliating with a scream back across
to John, “Come on The Winners,”
which sent everybody reeling around
with laughter. My fish turned out to
be a 24lb 12oz mirror, another gorgeous looking fish. I caught this on
my good old faithful T1, again kindly
provided for me by Mark McKenna at
Baitcraft. Mark very kindly donates
quite a large quantity of bait into the
raffle, and also gives me 10kg for the
weekend, and Lee Laggan from Hookers provides me with some cork ball
pop-ups as well. As you know most of
my fishing throughout the year is
done with maggots, but it’s nice to
know that you’ve got a boilie that you
can get an instant feeding response
from, and well, it’s won the event the
last two years, so big thanks to Mark
McKenna for that.
This 24lb’er was actually the first
fish I have ever caught using a remote
control boat. I’ve got to say, and I’ve
always said, that they do have their
places in carp fishing, and this was
one of them. There’s no way that I
would have been able to reach the
area that I caught this fish with a
breakaway lead system like I was
using otherwise, and yeah, thank
goodness that John had one with
On Saturday afternoon there was all
sorts of commotion going on out over
where the fish were held up. Dave
Levy had hooked Johnny Mac up, and
neither of them knew who’d got the
fish! It ended up being a big bird’s
nest with about four or five lines
attached to it, lots of commotion,
laughing and falling around out in the
boat with lifejackets on. Consequently on the Saturday night, the


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