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Diary of a Carp Fisher
Untidiest swim award” for the third
year running.
fish did move, and they must have
gone right across in front of Nigel and
the Milky Bar Kid, past Lee Jackson,
and ended up dropping down on a
massive bed of particles that Kenny
Dorset had spodded out on the Friday
afternoon. During the night, he landed
two fish, a 20 and a double, so they
only were really one fish behind us at
this point, and all this with his partner
not having a bait in the water.
His partner had decided to play a
trick on Nigel Sharp that night when
they were all up at the BBQ, and crept
round to Nigel’s swim and changed
his spools over, so Nigel and the Milky
Bar Kid went up to his swim around
midnight and actually cast his rods
out in the field behind. Apparently it
was a real mess when they got back
to their swim in the early hours of the
morning; Kenny was actually tangled
up in the lines, which were stretching
across the path in between their two
bivvies. I can’t help laughing as I’m
writing this; it must have been a comical sight but just imagine if he had
his rods out that night then maybe
they would have beaten us.
We woke Sunday morning to find
that Ken had had these two fish, and
they were showing in numbers over
in his baited area. However, as the
other anglers woke up and saw the
fish, namely the Milky Bar Kid and
Lee, they were quick to get their rods
out in that area too, and of course too
many lines in the same area meant
that the fish moved. They actually
moved right into our margins, heading back to the Party Bank area again.
I spotted a fish only a couple of rod
lengths out, quickly wound my rods
in, and dropped them out in the path
of the fish as they moved, and only 20
minutes after doing this, I had my first
take. Unfortunately it weeded itself
and shed the hook. The fish then
moved right back out where they
were before, probably about 80yds out
in front of me, but much closer to
Dave Levy and Johnny Mac. Quite
why these guys never caught anything I don’t know, because the fish
spent most of the weekend there.
Using John’s boat, I managed to get a
bait over in front of them again, and lo
and behold, only about half an hour
after I put it out there, I was away
This one got weeded too, so it was
on with the lifejacket and out in the
boat. There’s actually a picture of me
out in the boat, but unfortunately
when we got out there, the fish had
gone, and not long after that, the
whistle sounded. We were the winners again, and oh, we wound them
up. We’ve got a nice wind up in mind
for next year too.
I must say a massive well done to
Scott Grant for putting this event on
again; there’s a hell of a lot of work
involved in doing something like this.
Another thank you goes of course to
all the stars that I’ve mentioned here,
without whom the whole thing just
couldn’t possibly work. It was certainly a great weekend, and we never
lost sight of the fact that we were
there to raise money for Great
Ormond Street. I believe we raised
around about £6000 on the day, which
made the total up to about £25,000,
most of which has gone to Great
Ormond Street. Long may the event
continue; I’ll certainly be there next
year, and I would imagine most of the
other guys will be too. It was a wonderful weekend for a very worthwhile
So that’s all I’ve got for you this
month. Now the books are out there,
and the distribution is underway, it
won’t be long before I can get the
rods out. I’m looking forward to doing
a little bit of fishing this winter; I’ve
got a couple of venues in mind, and
some unfinished business with some
big fully scaled mirrors and a 40lb mirror, which I hope very much has got
my name on it.
Anyway, I’ll let you know how it
goes. Bye for now. n


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