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The Time of Our Lives
by Keith Jenkins
hat? Carp? In
Nah, sorry
mate; you’ve
got the wrong
f e l l a . Yo u
must have me mistaken for someone
called Jim, or Martin. Saying that, by
the time you read this I will, at last,
have wet a line in dear old Blighty as
the start of the season is just a week
away. It sounds like I’m moaning, but
I’m just joshing. This close season – a
proper one, mind; March 14th to June
16th – has been most enjoyable, and
pretty full, and I can’t say that I’ve
pined too much for a bedchair and a
bivvy, but that’s starting to change.
It’s not just reading in the mags about
you lot out there ‘doing it’, but I was
at a ‘function’ at Laney’s gaff at the
weekend, and, with a fair smattering
of anglers there, it didn’t take too long
to get the old juices flowing.
We spoke of many things, as is our
wont, but mainly it centred around
angling and good times had, and good
times to come. The main protagonists
were all of a certain age, with me
being the eldest by five years, but a
gaggle of chasers were on the 50-year
mark – and bloody pleased to be
there. The indefatigable Paul Forward
was present, and was, as always, a
joy. It was he who declared that, on
July 10th, he will have been here for
50 years, and is having a big do to celebrate the fact. (This was in total contrast to Laney, who disappears like a
chum mixer at the mention of birth-
180 acres, and this was Dave Bishop’s first fish – a 42lb common.
days and anything relating to age).
We revelled in our length of service,
and it was great to hear the likes of
my great mate, the lovely but deadly
Chrissie Pearson, admit that he felt as
good as he’d ever done, and him only
one year away from the half century.
The years were what brought up
another subject, and that was how
long we’ve been doing this; this carp
angling thing that we do and love,
and what was a bit of an eye-opener,
but also strangely refreshing, was that
F admitted that he wanted somewhere quieter, somewhere less pressured. I thought it was only me, but it
would seem that there are many guys
out there who have done all the chasing, hunting, and targeting that they
possibly can, and now just want to sit


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