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Made in England
Cooperman, with 40-plus acres to
himself and an unknown 34lb mirror.
back and enjoy it a bit more. CP is still
having fun catching some bloody
good fish, but he said to me that of all
the waters he’s fished over the past
couple of decades, the one that
stands out for him is Sonning, and I
nodded in acknowledgement,
because I feel exactly the same. The
fact that he had the ultimate success
and I didn’t mattered not; it was just
us against the water, the environment
and the carp. I must say that I’ve
missed that over the past few years,
but I don’t know if I’ve got it in me to
try to find it again. F has his eye on a
couple of possible targets, but his
fishing is as limited as mine, albeit
that he is not afraid of the odd
overnighter on a work night, and so
there has to be a real good reason to
try somewhere new and unknown.
I’m writing another book at the
moment, and in my fictional world,
those sort of waters are readily available, but this is real life, and if there’s
a reason for me or F to want to fish a
water, then there’s a reason for lots of
other people to want the same thing.
Joe phoned me today; the draw for
the off at the Oak was on Sunday
(when I was returning from Suffolk),
and there were 23 people there.
Twenty three! There are only about 30
swims on the lake! A couple of years
ago I could arrive on a Friday after-
Keith’s Carp of the Month
Only five fish in Simon Hartop’s lake, and one of them was this 46lb mirror –
thoroughly deserving of the ‘Spirit Level’ award.


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