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Made in England
(Above) Wot, do you think I might be
(Right) Treena’s becoming a very
welcome regular in here, and rightly
so with carp like this.
(Below) Heart attack? No problem for
Mad Max.
carp in there. On his first or second
session his uncertainty was forgotten
when he landed a bloody great common of 42lbs! Now, that may be the
largest carp in the lake, but do you
reckon he’s thinking that, ‘cos I
bloody wouldn’t! Then there’s Cooperman, who may well be known to
many of you. He’s fishing a 40-plus
acre water with a possible 25 or so
fish in it, and has just bagged himself
a stunning 34lb mirror that, as far as
he can tell, may never have been
caught before. He says, with a smile
I’m sure, that he’s been fishing it for
16 months, and has practically had
the place to himself, lucky bastard!
But then along came Simon Hartop. A
Colne Valley lake with only five carp
in; he’s been the only one fishing it for
the past couple of years, and the outcome? An incredible mirror of 46lbs.
So incredible that he just has to get
the ‘Keep your Spirit Levels High’
So, there are still waters out there
that offer such challenge and reward,
and it may be that, what with the
‘instant fame’ culture we seem to be
in the midst of, a lot of these waters
are being left alone because the result
isn’t always instant (although Dave
Bishop might disagree with that).
Interestingly, but unsurprisingly, none
of the guys were giving away the
names of the waters, and who can
blame them? I’m sure we’ve all been
victims of hard work that has, ultimately, benefited another less diligent
soul. Do I, therefore, gird my loins and
prepare to ‘do a Sonning’, or just retire
quietly and have a nice rest with a
few mates? Hmm, pipe and slippers,
not quite sure if I’m ready for ’em yet
– let’s see what happens.
Talk of Joe and Broad Oak leads me
beautifully to one of the joys of being
in that particular syndicate – Joe’s
letters. Joe’s letters are like those
screaming things in Harry Potter;
they shout at you. No, you don’t
understand, they SHOUT! at you. He
doesn’t use e-mail, he uses OI!!-mail!
The fineries of grammar and punctuation are a foreign land to Joe; he just
writes it down exactly how he’d say
it, phlegm and all. Here’re a couple of
little excerpts that just about got past
the censors.
“Some one cut back the branches
in the bridge bay to cast towards the


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